Big Hero 6

Picture Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


Recently I decided to create a sleeping schedule and stick to it all through the week, even on weekends.  This means that lately I have been getting up around 6am which leaves a few good hours of freedom.  I could be productive in other areas of my life, but instead I chose to fill those hours with catching up on some movies.

Big Hero 6 is an animated film set in San Fransokyo.  At first I thought I read it wrong, but basically picture San Francisco but with Japanese technology.  There are sky scrapers, lights, screens, floating turbines doted over the city and old trolly cars.  The main character of the film is Hiro Hamada.  Although only 14 years old he is great with robotics, but chooses to spend his time doing illegal bot fights.  With the help of his older brother, Tadashi, Hiro gets the opportunity to attend the same university to make use of his talents.  When an accident changes Hiro’s life forever, he uses his knowledge and Tadashi’s robot, Baymax, to try and find answers.  With his knowledge and power he finds the answers he is looking for, but it may be at the cost of losing his humanity.

Big Hero 6 is actually based on a short comic book series and actually features Stan Lee voicing for a very minor character. The film has a really cool feel with the mix of American, Japanese and robotics.  The real star if the film is Baymax (even though I assumed his name was Big Hero 6).  Big Hero 6 is a fun watch for the whole family, and for us adults there is even an unexpected heart stabbing moment.


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