Into The Woods

Picture Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios and Motion Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


Into the Woods is a new Disney movie based on the play of the same name.  Initially I did not know about the play and the preview only gives so much away, so I wasn’t really sure what the storyline was going to be.  From the previews you can tell that there are a handful of different fairytale characters but there is one thing that the preview did not include; the fact that Into the Woods, is a musical.

Classic Disney movies are known for their catchy and memorable songs.  Although these songs were already included in the musical production of the play, I can’t help but think this is a part of Disney trying to gain back some of that recognition.  With the help of Frozen, they are finally gaining a foothold on the musical market after so many years.

Into the Woods is about a baker and his wife who are trying to have a family.  They find out that the witch who lives across the street has placed a curse on their house.  In order to reverse the curse she needs a cape as red as blood, a cow as white as milk, hair as yellow as corn and a shoe thats made of gold.  On their mission to obtain these objects before the 3rd midnight they run into fairytale characters based on the objects above.  (Little Red Ridinghood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel and Cinderella).

The film is roughly 2 hours long so it is a bit lengthy but the scenes within the first hour to hour and a half are able to keep us entertained.  It is when we enter the last quarter of the film that things start to become a little too much.  Things start to fall apart and certain things happen I would not have expected for what people would assume to be a kids movie.

It was the Ellen show that prepared me for the musical aspect of this movie.  Had I not caught that episode I would not have known what to expect.  I will admit that the tunes are pretty catchy.  Even after the movie I had certain songs stuck in my head (even though I didn’t know the words).

Into the Woods is pretty star studded and has a really great cast.  One of the best parts of the film is watching well known actors and actresses sing.  As I mentioned though the film does drag a bit.  The Jack and the Beanstalk concept seems to take over the film, spoiling the foundation that it has created.

If you are absolutely against musicals, then you know not to bother with this one.  If you are open to it, it is actually a pretty good movie.  At least for the first half.



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