Dracula Untold

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures


I love when dark films have a big budget, they just make things so much better.  Everyone, if not most, are familiar with the tales of Dracula.  Dracula Untold revisits the most famous inspiration of Vlad the Impaler.  Many associate his actions and his family name with Dracula, but not many have dipped into the origins of his story.  The vampirism had to have come from somewhere, right?

Vlad III Tepes is played wonderfully by Luke Evans.  The story tells that Vlad had been enslaved as a child by the Turkish along with a thousand other children.  He became known as a great warrior and many feared him.  He chose to return back to Transylvania to rule in peace and leave his monstrous past behind him.  For years his people have lived in peace, but when Vlad and his men stumble upon a Turkish helmet in a river, it leads them to something they could never have expected.  Vlad and his men encounter a monster living in a cave on top of a mountain and only Vlad escapes.

When he returns his people are celebrating Easter.  A group of Turkish men arrive by order of the sultan to collect their usual tribute of silver coins.  Assuming that Vlad had killed the Turkish soldiers in the mountains, they also demand 1,000 boys be sent for the sultans army, including Vlad’s only son.  Vlad has no choice but to cooperate, but in a last minute decision seeks out the monster in the mountain for power.

Dracula Untold reveals a great story which paints Vlad the Impaler in quite a different light.  The mystery also deepens with the addition of an unnamed vampire, although it does not state that he is the first of its kind.  The film takes us on some unexpected twists and turns which lead us to quite an intriguing ending.  The ending leaves in such a way to create an opening to what could be a really creative and thrilling series of films.

The only negative that I had about the film was when light was supposed to effect Vlad, there were many times light would be shinning on his skin and he would not move.  Other times he would scurry back and dance around.  I would say that this is rather minor compared to the big picture.  Dracula Untold is a must see for any vampire fan or any fan of action war films.


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