Magic In The Moonlight

Picture Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Picture Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics


Set in the 1920’s in France, Magic In The Moonlight is a romantic comedy starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone.  I absolutely love Colin Firth and Emma Stone so I had high hopes for this movie.

The film opens with a chinese illusionist performing tricks on stage for a theatre of people.  Once finished, he retires off stage towards his dressing room and as he gets nearer, we realize he is in fact a british man and not chinese at all.  Stanley Crawford, played by Colin Firth, is famously known by his stage name of Wei Ling Soo,  but also well known for debunking mystics and frauds.  In need of his skills, an old friend seeks his help to unmask a young mystic named Sophie Baker, played by Emma Stone, who has entwined herself with a wealthy family.  Preying on the mother who has lost her husband and attracting the eye of their rich son, Sophie and her mother are quickly gaining promises of funding for an occult school.  Stanley believing he can prove it is all a trick is completely shocked by what he finds in Sophie as well as the source to her powers.

Although I had high hopes for the film based on Firth and Stone, it just wasn’t enough to hold my attention.  I found myself day dreaming and googling for estates in the south of France towards the end of the film rather than giving it my full attention.  Unfortunately you will not gain anything watching this film, and as such you won’t lose anything by not watching it.  Although it is considered a romantic comedy, the romance was awkward and stiff and the comedy was lacking.  I apologize to my british husband, Colin Firth and hope he forgives me for this.


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