Horns (film)

Picture Courtesy of Dimension Film and RADiUS-TWC

Picture Courtesy of Dimension Film and RADiUS-TWC

Horns is a horror-thriller based on the novel by Joe Hill of the same name.  The film stars Harry Potter, I mean Daniel Radcliffe, as Ignatius “Ig” Perrish.  Ig is completely distraught after his girlfriend is found raped and murdered and he is the prime suspect. Having blacked out from drinking too much, Ig struggles to remember the events of that evening.  One morning he wakes up to Horns beginning to grow on his head.  Although people can see them, they often forget they are there.  Instead people begin confessing horrible things to Ig and telling him the truth of how they really feel.  Using this curse, Ig tries to uncover the events of the night his girlfriend died and who the real killer is.

Horns has a low budget feel mixed with a few special effects added here and there.  Originally the role of Ig was to be played by Shia LaBeouf, but after backing out was replaced by Radcliffe.  I could picture LaBeouf in the role, but I imagine it wasn’t quite weird enough for him.

Horns sits in at two hours long, which is a bit of a stretch considering everything that actually happens.  I imagine having read the book I would have been disappointed if certain parts were not included in the film.  I also think there could have easily been some things removed without effecting the overall movie.  Although it was interesting and not like anything else I have seen, I wasn’t really impressed.  Horns is one of those movies that you watch out of curiosity, but with some of the things that make the movie stretch on, don’t be surprised if your attention begins to wonder.




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