Pretty Little Liars – Books 1-5(ish)

Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

This review contains – Pretty Little Liars, Flawless, Perfect, Unbelievable and Wicked.

Pretty Little Liars had been hovering on my radar for awhile.  A whisper here and there about the show, these odd books with barbies popping up in book stacks.  Normally I plan to read the books prior to watching any show or movie, but one night I decided to give Netflix a shot.  One episode became two, two became four and suddenly it was after two in the morning.  Despite the episodes being 1 hour long, I made time and cruised through every episode on Netflix.  Suddenly I hit a wall, I had watched all the available episodes on Netflix, desperately searching online only to be squashed by the usual “This video is not available in your area”; as if I were on some remote planet trying to access secret government files.  To my dismay, searching online only brought spoilers of what happened on episodes I had not seen yet.  Also, the more disturbing thought that there are seven planned seasons and I am only on season five left me crushed.  First world problems at its best.  I decided that if I could not get my fix online, I would devour the books.

I had staggered through the first book in the series, Pretty Little Liars, at a loss.  Had I been reading the wrong book?  What odd descriptions of the characters, the town of Rosewood!  I had stumbled upon a world that made no sense to me.  I did what any reader would, trudge faithfully onward with hopes high.  As Pretty Little Liars became Flawless and eventually Perfect my hopes became sluggish and painful.  My reading had slowed, and my free time flit away while I slopped through the swamplands that is the book series.

Understandably, the show was not able to find characters to match the books perfectly.  The producers had introduced some creative allowances here and there which vastly improved upon the books in my opinion. Normally, us readers are outraged when this happens, but I had experienced the reverse experience.  It is too late to tell if my experience would have been different had I read the books first.  Had I read the books, I wonder if I would have even finished,  if I would have given the show a chance at all.  I had hoped the books would mirror the show and I could blast through to the end to find out what happens.  In theory, I could form some pretty clear ideas of what may happen, but with such drastic differences I made the executive decision to cut the cord.

The Pretty Little Liars TV series had me hooked from the beginning.  Gasping at all the right places, theorizes who “A” is and what would happen next.  Blind sided by the twists and turns, I had fallen for a teenage soap opera.

In the end I decided that the books were a complete waste of my time.  The bread crumbs were not enough to build my sugar coated cottage, so I am left to stew and wait out the journey until the bitter end.

I highly recommend checking out the TV series and urge those who have not read the books to save your time and steer clear.  Sara Sheppard has a few different series, all with gripping ideas just perfect for TV viewing.  I don’t expect I will read any of her other books, but I could see myself easily slipping into any series based on her books.



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