Picture Courtesy of Lionsgate

Keeping with the theme of action comedy, Kingsman is followed by Mortdecai, and what a contrast. 

Lord Charlie Mortdecai, played by Johnny Depp, is an eccentric art dealer known for some of his shadier art dealings.  Come from a long line of Mortdecai men and surrounded by riches, he and his wife are in financial ruin.  An old friend, Inspector Martland, played by EwanMcGregor seeks his help when a famous painting goes missing.  Only agreeing to help for the return of a finders fee, Mortdecai sets off with his man servant, Jock Strapp, played by Paul Bettany to follow the clues. Johanna Mortdecai, played by Gwennyth Paltrow, sees an opportunity to save their finances and uses Inspector Martland’s feelings for her to her advantage. Shadowing Mortdecai and following her own clues, the couple set off on haphazard journey across the globe to find the missing painting and a mysterious secret treasure.  They are not the only ones after the priceless painting and the treasure though, resulting in a convergence of thieves and collectors. 

Mortdecai is an action movie but my main interest was the comedy aspect. Starring Johnny Depp, I assumed this would be a safe bet on some good laughs and a decent film.  Like the detective work involved in locating a missing painting, it seemed we had to do the same for some of our laughs.  There were times when the film seemed to be trying too hard, and other times a laugh could be found but only if you were paying close attention. The main laugh of the film that seemed to hold things together was Mortdecai’s sensitive gag reflect.  After taking the time to grow his very own moustache, his wife is disgusted with it and causes her to gag each time he kisses her. With his sensitivity, it results in his own gag in return.  This is really the only highlight to the movie. 

I had hopes for this film having a decent cast and the potential for some great comedy.  It went by quickly which was a bonus, but I can’t say I will ever watch this one again; nor would I be inclined to recommend it. 


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