The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy: Shadow Spell by Nora Roberts


The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy: Shadow Spell by Nora Roberts

With the legends and lore of Ireland running through his blood, falconer Connor O’Dwyer is proud to call County Mayo home. It’s where his sister, Branna, lives and works, where his cousin, Iona, has found true love, and where his childhood friends form a circle that can’t be broken…
A circle that is about to be stretched out of shape—by a long-awaited kiss.
Meara Quinn is Branna’s best friend, a sister in all but blood. Her and Connor’s paths cross almost daily, as Connor takes tourists on hawk walks and Meara guides them on horseback across the lush countryside. She has the eyes of a gypsy and the body of a goddess…things Connor has always taken for granted—until his brush with death propels them into a quick, hot tangle.
Plenty of women have found their way to Connor’s bed, but none to his heart until now. Frustratingly, Meara is okay with just the heat, afraid to lose herself—and their friendship—to something more. But soon, Connor will see the full force and fury of what runs in his blood. And he will need his family and friends around him when his past rolls in like the fog, threatening an end to all he loves…1

Book two of the Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy and I am begging to see a pattern here. 

Shadow Spell begins with another flashback to 1268 with Sorcha’s children; Brannaugh, Eamon and Teagan.  The second book in the trilogy focuses on Eamon, as it does Connor in the present. The circle are still trying to create a spell and an end to Cabahn while he tries anything he can to break them and hurt them. 

As mentioned Shadow Spell focuses more on Connor in this book. We see more of his feelings in addition to his two favourite things: food and breasts.  There are different kinds of love and Connor experiences how one love can change into something new and unexpected. 

Despite being of equal length to the first novel, Shadow Spell seems shorter. This may be due to the lack of events that occur in comparison to Dark Witch. As Dark Witch is the introduction of all things and characters, Shadow Spell is the stepping stone to the finale. Because it is a trilogy we knew nothing could really be resolved.  My only fear was that something would happen to one of the main characters, but that would have effected the overall story and is something to be left for the final book; Blood Magick. 

As Dark Witch was for Iona, Shadow Spell is for Connor, and we can only assume that Blood Magick is for Branna.  We can also assume that the trend of relationships may continue; however Nora Roberts has left the most complicated one for last. 

The audiobook version was read by Alan Smyth, which was a very welcome switch from the first one. There is just something about a man with an accent. Fingers crossed for audiobook 3. 

Although I am still enjoying the story, it is safe to say that Shadow Spell is my least favourite thus far and most likely will remain that way. Dark Witch will always be the interesting introduction and I’m expecting Blood Magick to be the exciting finale. 

1. Book summary courtesy of Nora Roberts Book page

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