Step Up: All In


Whenever I see the trailers for these films they don’t really do much for me. They only peek enough interest to cause a sensation that can easily be confused with other bodily functions and chemical imbalances. With Step Up: All In being in Vegas with a flashy quality I figured if I was going to give one of these movies a try, this one would be in. 

Without having seen the other films, the premise was easily assumed and with it the plot line.  Much like sports films, you have the high, the struggle and downfall, the build up and the life lessons. Towards the end if we were watching Full House the music would be playing in the background. And don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Despite the films creating some sort of continuation and connection I could easily watch it as a stand alone.  Having watched the previous films I may have made the connections and caught on a few character quirks and references but none the less managed to survive. 

Sean, played by the handsome Ryan Gusman, and his crew “The Mob” are trying to make it in L.A.  After landing a major job the crew are unable to find any new work in L.A.  The crew then decides to go back home but Sean refuses. Struggling to make it alone, Sean comes across a dance competition in Vegas on VH1 called The Vortex. A reality tv show where people can vote for their favorite groups, and the winners will received a 3 year deal in Vegas. The only problem is, Sean no longer has a crew. After reconnecting with his old friend “Moose” the idea is pitched and a new crew is formed. Sean pushes them hard and after a creative audition tape, the crew is off to Vegas. Heading up against old enemies and his old crew, Sean comes to find the real meaning to dancing. 

I’m not a dancer myself so I’m sure some really complicated maneuvers went over my head, but over all the dancing and the moves were quite a bore. The only two events worth watching we’re the audition tape and the end “battle”. Even then I wasn’t really blown away. 

What really blew me away was the plot, the acting and the script. And by blew away I mean it, it really blew. Big time. It was so predictable and cheesy. I love cheesy but this was boarderline sad.  There should have been some sort of reward for us for being able to sit through it all. If the end battle was the reward, I want a refund. 

Let’s face it, the only way I would be caught watching another one of these movies is for the good looking lead and even then a Google images search would be more rewarding. 


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