Insidious: Chapter 2


Picture Courtesy of FilmDostrict and Sony Pictures

Sequels to horror movies are usually pretty questionable. I’m not a huge fan of horror movies, as my overactive imagination does enough for me without adding fuel to the fire. They can be fun though, and despite jumping and being scared there is usually something that makes me laugh. 

Insidious: Chapter Two has the same characters as the first film which is odd enough to begin with. The film begins by taking us back, well before the events of the first film. Then the film jumps in directly after the first film.  The first film is about their son who travels to the world of the dead in his sleep. While there he is stuck and cannot wake. His father goes in to rescue him, but brings something back with him. 

For the first while it seems like the film is all over the place following different characters. The house has a million doors and things happen in the house to one character unbeknownst to the other characters, and even the viewer not being sure if those characters are even in the house at all. 

The film does a great job of connecting the second film with the first. There are many “ooh” and “ahh” moments because of this. 

Chapter 2 ends in such a way that implies it could be continuing to chapter 3 following the side characters. Instead they decided to go a different route with Chapter 3 by making it a prequel. I have a feeling they will find a clever way to tie them all together though. 

If you’ve seen the first one, then there is no harm in adding the second one to your list as they do a fine job connecting the two. Because of that I’m open to seeing Chapter 3 just on the off chance that they do find a way to connect them all together. 


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