Magic Mike XXL

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures


Ladies and gentlemen, grab your dollar bills because it’s time for some more Magic.

Three years after retiring from being a male stripper, Mike, played by Channing Tatum, is struggling to have the life he planned.  His furniture business is floundering and that no name girl from the first movie bailed after he popped the question. When his old friends come through town looking for a last hurrah at the Florida stripper convention, Mike can’t resist the pull of the excitement.

The gang heads out on the road with a few sexy laughs and the usual drug induced misadventures. No longer under the reign of Dallas, Mike tries to convince the gang to come up with some new routines and find their own groove. With the help of some old friends the boys create sexually charged solo acts to the delight of the audience both on screen and off. 

Normally you would hope that films with sequels would learn from their mistakes, if there were any. The first film could have a really crappy story line, which it did, and still do well based on the premise alone. Seeing Channing Tatum and his buddies strip is the sole purpose we go to these movies. So sure that means we aren’t there for the storyline, but you could have at least tried. Magic Mike XXL has the same dragging plot line where you stop and wonder, what the hell is going on?  It is all over the place and once again has some random artistically grung girl for Channing. The romance story line is very faint as it competes with the other mish mash of wtf’s. 

Though we aren’t there for the storyline, one would have been nice. I can’t stop you from seeing this film, but I can at least make you aware that you can have a nap between “shows”. For those who aren’t willing to spend the money but still want to see the movie, we can all hope that once the movie is out on DVD that someone takes the time to edit out everything but the stripping for 20 minutes of sexually charged dancing. 


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