Syrena Legacy: Novellas by Anna Banks

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Serena Legacy – Novellas: Lost Legacy, The Stranger and Girls Day Out by Anna Banks

I chose to do the three novellas as one review because these are so short, my review for each book would rival the length of the actual stories.

Lost Legacy

Lost Legacy is considered 0.5 of the series.  It is from Grom’s perspective and is a prequel to Of Poseidon.  Being in line to marry the Triton princess Nalia, Grom will try anything to get out of the marriage.  He has even tried searching for proof that he is not the rightful prince, just to get out of it.  After running into Nalia years later in the archives, he discovers that she has become…well… hot.  But don’t worry, to cover up the shallow change of heart it is covered by the pulse and the legends of intense love and a sign that they are meant to be together.  Luckily they both feel it, no matter how hard they try to fight it, but when a fight turns into a catastrophic explosion, everyone believes Nalia to be dead.  Grom’s heart forever belongs to her, and Triton King Antonis vows never to take another mate, ending the Triton line.  Many years later, insert Of Poseidon.

The Stranger

Still prior to Of Poseidon, Galen, Toraf and Rayna are fingerlings up to no good.  While swimming alone, Galen comes across a speeding boat.  When it suddenly stop an object is thrown overboard and rapidly begins to sink.  To Galen’s surprise it is a human, and he can’t just leave it to drown.  Rescuing the human and bringing it to shore safely, he builds a fire and stays with them until he is sure they will be alright.  Weary of humans and the odd situation of how they met, Galen is unsure how to react to this new stranger named Rachel.  Another great addition to the series as we get the back story to how Galen met Rachel and how they came to their present arrangements in the series.

Girls Day Out 

This novella takes place after Of Triton.  Galen and Toraf have left Emma and Rayna to fend for themselves and to bond.  While Rayna has a few ideas of how the two can have some fun, Emma is more reserved and weary of the trouble they will get into.  Despite her better judgment she follows Rayna and realizes that some of these dangers are not new or surprising to Rayna, making Emma wonder about all the things she has done in the past.  Another quick tale to add to the series.  Where as Lost Legacy and The Stranger provide some extra pieces to fill in the story, Girls Day Out is simply a dilly dally through the ocean.  We don’t gain any new pieces of information other than the fact that Rayna can be reckless, adventurous and get into some dangerous situations for fun, but we already knew that.

Novellas are a great way to explore and expand on series we have come to love.  They often give us new insights or simply just allow us to explore the world the author has created with characters we have come to love, in situations that the novels don’t have time for.  In all situations I would say that novellas are a must, and really these are super short, so all three can be blasted through in one sitting.


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