Picture Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Picture Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

What do you get when you mix action, explosions, death and comedy?  Something quite unexpected.

Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is an agent for the CIA but has yet to leave her desk.  Taking post in a questionable basement with various infestations, she controls some serious high tech equipment to help the agents on the field;  specifically she works directly with Agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law).  Although completely in love with him, she feels out of his league and even further away from being an agent in comparison.  When a mission goes wrong, Susan is the only agent whose identity isn’t known and must go out into the field under cover.  While dreaming of exciting and cool secret agent names, her boss (Allison Janney), has other plans for her.  With an identity as far from exciting and cool can be, Susan must try to locate her target without blowing her cover.  Things become even more complicated for her when rogue agent (Jason Stathom) keeps showing up and creating chaos.

Melissa McCarthy has unquestionably created a title for herself in the comedy film industry.  With films like Identity Thief and Spy, she is maintaining a comedic title, while becoming more multifaceted which is something I had really hoped for her.  Even within Spy itself she takes on different levels of her character which keep us entertained from beginning to end.

Spy is star studded including the typical action star, Jason Stathom, who is not just sexy but funny, who knew?  Jude Law graces us with his sleek British sex appeal giving off a bond vibe.  Allison Janney has been in quite a few projects lately, but I can’t say I’ve seen much of them since her Love and Marriage days.  Another actress appearing in quite a few projects lately is Rose Byrne.  Byrne is capable at playing an array of different characters, but I hate to admit there is something about her that doesn’t quite win us over as much as someone like Melissa McCarthy.  Type casting is a tricky business, but then there are those roles that just stick with us.  Just how Danielle Radcliffe will forever be Harry Potter, so will Bobby Cannavale forever be Vince from Will & Grace.  The handsome but not quite so sharp actor has appeared in many different projects both television and film, but this is one that just sticks with me.  Cannavale makes his appearance in Spy as Sergio De Luca, a businessman who deals in heavy duty criminal activity.  Perhaps the under dog of the film would be Nancy (Miranda Hart) who plays Susan’s friend and co-worker.  Hart is a British actress and comedian who compliments McCarthy perfectly in this film, creating a dynamic duo with lots of laughs.  Lastly and least mentionable would have to be the addition of 50 cent.  The rapper appeared for some comedic moments in an attempt to either fund his bankruptcy or to help pay some more bills.

Spy is a gem of a film that needs to be shown off.  With an expert cast full of action, adventure and laughs, this movie will keep your entertained from start to finish.  Not quite for the younger crowd at times, Spy is a must see film that you actually want to watch over and over!


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