Jurassic World

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Jurassic World

It has been 12 years since the first Jurassic Park movie was released and the following for the franchise is still strong.  We are in a time when people love to be reminded of their childhood, specifically the 90’s.  We are the product children of new technology and it has never been easier to brand and target a specific audience.
Jurassic World is like the Disney World of Jurassic Park but still in the same location.  The original park has been shut down and remains in a restricted area of the island.  The novelty of dinosaurs isn’t as new and exciting as it use to be so the park must always be on top of their game creating new attractions, and even new dinosaurs.  Although bringing back new species is exciting, some researches have decided to create a whole new hybrid dinosaur, the Indominus Rex.  To ensure the safety of the guests, Simon Masrani (Irrfan Khan) is the owner of Jurassic World, the luxury resort, and has requested the holding facility for the new hybrid to be examined by Owen Grady (Chris Pratt).  Owen is an ex military personnel and a raptor trainer/expert.  With his control over the raptors, InGen wants to take advantage of this to use the raptors as trained killing machines in warfare.  Despite Owen’s warnings, there may come a time to test this theory, sooner rather than later.
Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard who some of you may recognize better as the 2nd Victoria for the Twilight movies) controls all things park related, from investors to the daily maintenance and running of the park.  Her life is scheduled down to the last minute which leaves little time for anything else.  When her nephews Gray (Ty Simpkins) and Zach (Nick Robinson) come to visit, she ensures her sister they will get the best of everything.  Being tailed by one of her assistants, they run off and try to have some real fun in the park.
While things are running as they should be, a possible breach from the new hybrid enclosure threatens the safety of the entire island and all the park guests.
Chris Pratt is the new “it” guy in hollywood.  He is the man every man wants to be and the man every girl, and guy, wants to be with.  Pratt’s screen time is overshadowed by the multitude of things going on and makes his role in Jurassic World less memorable.
Bryce Dallas Howard plays the heroine of the film.  She transitions from the sleek business woman to dishevelled fighter.  There is one scene where she is suppose to look haggard which I had to laugh at.  Her usual straight bob suddenly receives a body wave to make her hair look less than perfect.  Ladies, I’m sure you can relate to hair curling and changing shape throughout the day or during extreme situations, but can you relate to coming out from a chaotic situation with a body wave?  The silly ways hollywood.
There are many things thrown into the film to reference the original if you are able to look for them.  Even keeping an eye out, I imagine there are still things that most viewers would have missed.  I did enjoy the Jurassic Park films and I feel I was able to notice some minute details that hold significance, but I couldn’t tell you what the significance would be.  The number 7 seems to pop up a lot and there is one point in the film when an original Jurassic Park vehicle is used.  It can be assumed this vehicle was the main vehicle ride from the first film.  B.D. Wong makes his appearance in the film franchise reprising his role from the original film as Dr. Henry Wu.  Wong was the only actor or actress to reappear in the film, as Spielberg wanted to focus on the future Jurassic franchise and not the past.
Plot lines were thrown in to try to hold the story together but they also seemed to clash.  Thrown in to try to make things flow together, I would have felt better with certain things being removed all together or at least changed.  The boys parents have sent them to the park to spend time with their aunt while the parents settle divorce proceedings.  While the eldest son has an inkling of this, the youngest son has no idea this is happening.  With the expected chaos on the island and hopeful ending, I assumed they would have had the parents cry over the safety of their kids and realize they still love each other and in the end become one happy family again.  This could have been a possible plot idea, but they scaled it back greatly.  There are also hints towards a relationship between Owen and Claire, ultimately ending anti-climactically.  The dangerous instincts of the animals weren’t strong enough to create a villain so they had to create a type of villain to come in and take advantage of the situation.  While this is part of the main plot, it also seems more like a side plot than anything.  For the hell of it we have to kill off a bunch of “main” characters for the pleasure of some viewers without offending the overly sensitive parents who take their children to a movie known for vicious dinosaurs that kill.  So although there are some pretty gruesome deaths, there is a scene where the safety of the guests is threatened but casualties and potential for blood and gore is greatly smoothed over.
It is hard to create film series when the first of the series is so strong it could be a stand alone.  Even though there are two other Jurassic Park movies, making this the fourth in the franchise, there was a lot of pressure on this film to bring back those great nostalgic feelings from the first movie, but also to mirror it and create a sort of jumpstart for the future of the franchise.  That is a lot of pressure to put on the film, especially when you have to deal with so many different tastes, and sensitivities. Naturally, rebranding the franchise for us to enjoy from our past and to introduce to our children has prompted yet another sequel to follow Jurassic World in 2018.
Jurassic World brings us back to the greatness of Jurassic Park, but only fractionally.  As much as we fear for the future of the franchise, we can’t help but be excited for the revamp and see where the series takes us.

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