Movies TO See: September 2015 Edition

Movies TO See.  A compiled list to help you weed out the good vs the bad to save your time, money and brain cells. A link to the preview has been provided in the title. 

The Transporter Refuelled (Sept 4)

I never saw any of the other Transport movies, and not being a huge action fan, this actually looks really good.

Kitchen Sink (Sept 4)

I can’t seem to find a trailer for his movie which annoys me enough to not see it, but how can I resist the call of vampires vs humans vs zombies.

A Brilliant Young Mind (Sept 11)

For those who loved A Beautiful Mind comes the British version of a young genius finding his way in the world.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (Sept 18/15)

Never read the book series, but the first movie was surprisingly good.  If you haven’t seen it you should definitely check it out.

Sicario (Sept 18)

Nothing I would ever see in theatres but intrigued by Emily Blunt in an action drug war film.

Cooties (Sept 18)

Much like Shawn of the Dead comes a zombie comedy which could be a fun time.

Hotel Transylvania 2 (Sept 25)

I never saw the first one.  It looks like a cute family film.  There are just more kid funny moments than I care for.

The Intern (Sept 25)

Starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway, De Niro rejoins the work force with a much younger crowd with an even younger boss.  The two give each other what the other lacks, there is laughs and tears and we love it.

The Green Inferno (Sept 25)

You may want to save the rainforest now, but wait until you see this new one by Eli Roth.

The Disappointments Room (Sept 25)

Another tricky one to find a trailer for.  A horror movie starring Kate Beckinsale is very intriguing to me.

The Walk (Sept 30)

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ben Kingsley, the true story about the man who walked a tightrope wire between the world trade centre towers.


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