Time To Upsize: The Indignities Book One by Graeme Aitken

Time To Upsize: The Indignities Book One by Graeme Aitken

Sometimes after reading a book the only thing you can do is face palm.

LGBT books are something I haven’t really explored too much.  Although there have been gay characters or couples in some mainstream books, LGBT books are rarely topping the charts.  There are some key elements to creating a chart topper, and unfortunately referencing genitalia is no longer shocking enough to garner the attention to do so.

The Indignities book series is broken into three.  The books follow the fictional, yet plausible, Stephen Spear as he tries to navigate the trying journey of turning 30.  Along with the usual reservations, Stephen gives us the trials from a gay man’s perspective.  While doing so he references a few friends relationships and the changes made in their lives during their 30 year mark transitioning.  Humorous, yet also very plausible.  The book then shifts making Stephen more put together than originally thought and rather ahead of the game, but adds the artistic actor career to make him more unstable.  The story then focuses on his relationship with the young and “bland” Blake.  Having recently moved to the area, Stephen meets Blake at a showing of one of the plays his actress mother stars in.  Although not instantly taken by Blake, it becomes more of a “why the hell not” start to their relationship.  Navigating through their ups and downs and sexual exploration, they jointly and separately explore their tastes.

It is no surprise that this review is turning into a spoiler for the book, so if for some reason you have decided to read the book I suggest you stop reading…. now….

Stephen decides to satisfy his sexual desires elsewhere and frequents the bathhouses to do so.  As time passes and his notches on his belt continue to amass, his relationship with Blake begins to deteriorate.  When a studly man with a famously large appendage moves in next door, both Blake and Stephen practically fight over who can get his attention.  Despite receiving some signals of his own, Stephen is blown away when Blake moves out and right into the arms of their new neighbour.  Stephen is completely devastated and cannot believe that Blake would have the nerve to sleep with someone else, especially the neighbour, despite his own misadventures.  The novels end with Stephen picking up the pieces and formulating a plan to get back at Blake and the neighbour.

There was no real plot point that drove me to downloading this book.  I never read the plot summary at all actually.  This book showed up on a daily email list of free ebooks from a random listing.  It was this fact that I even entertained the idea of reading this book, despite some of my better judgement.  Instead I threw caution to the wind and decided it would be a fun foray.

Aitken creates humour in the book by referencing many very true, albeit cliche, references.  I wouldn’t even call them stereotypical as they are based on common knowledge and general facts of life, which is kind of sad if you think of it.

Having been read for fun, I can’t really be too upset with this one as I was not expecting greatness.  Naturally there will be no recommendation from me for you to download this book, free to not.  If you still insist on pressing forward with this one, I would appreciate if you could comment a picture of your inevitable face palm once you have finished reading this book.


One thought on “Time To Upsize: The Indignities Book One by Graeme Aitken

  1. Oh dear, doesn’t sound like a great book – but at least it inspired a pretty funny blog post!

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