Suits: Season One

Picture Courtesy of NBC Universal Television Distribution

Picture Courtesy of NBC Universal Television Distribution

Suits is a legal drama tv series starring Gabriel Macht as Harvey Spectre and Patrick J Adams as Mike Ross.  Spectre is a top closer in New York at the firm Pearson Hardman and is well known for his skills, but also known for being a dick.  When Mike Ross, a college drop out, gets mixed up in some serious trouble he stumbles upon an interview process and wows Harvey.  There is only one problem, the interviews are for Harvard graduates, and Mike has never attended Harvard, let alone graduated from any college “officially”.  Mike has an eidetic memory and can remember everything that he has seen or read just by looking at it.  This skill becomes invaluable and his ticket to working with Harvey at Pearson Hardman.

Season One consists of 12 episodes with an average run time of about 42 minutes per episode.  Each episode focuses on a new legal battle while creating relationships and storylines throughout.  There are times when the series seems as if it is reflected by a focus study by public interest.  Those sideline characters that have gained the attention and love of the audience, suddenly play a larger role and have more airtime.  If only it were that easy to remove the characters we hate; but the reason we hate them is because they have created a character with a force that you cannot easily remove from the series.

The episodes are very up and down, full of suspense and emotion but always maintaining your interest.  There are characters you love, those you hate, and times when you want to just smack some of the characters or give them a good shake; but if they did what we wanted them to, then we wouldn’t have such an absorbing series.

Suits is a must see series and is able to garner the attention and praise from people with varied interests.  I can’t say I have talked to anyone who has said they have disliked the show once they started watching it.  The series is on it’s 5th season, having signed on for a 6th season to air in 2016.  As much as I love to be able to find a series that is finished to be able to binge watch from start to finish, I do have quite a few episodes to go before I have to endure the weekly torture I’m sure many of you are currently experiencing.  I dare you to watch the first season of Suits and not want to instantly jump to Season two like we did.  >_<


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