The Other Woman

Picture Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Picture Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

The Other Woman is a romantic comedy starring Cameron Diaz as Carly, a hard working lawyer who happens to find her perfect match, Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau).  Trying not to jinx it, she lets things progress naturally until one night he blows off meeting her dad for dinner due to a plumbing issue.  Deciding to make the best of the situation, she dresses up as a sexy plumber and goes to surprise him only to be greeted at the door by his wife, Kate (Leslie Mann).  Kate has difficulty believing and coming to terms with her husbands infidelity and seeks out Carly for support.  Without Mark’s knowledge the two start to bond over their strange situation.  Their unique relationship becomes even more complicated when they discover that Mark is still cheating on Kate, and it’s not with Carly.

The film is reminiscent to The First Wives Club, and knowing the similarities, they actually come out and mention the wonderful film that came out in 1996.  Trying to build on the success of a classic, the film integrates some key players like Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann who is only seen in these types of comedic roles lately, and for the younger crowd, Kate Upton, who we only know from the annoying pop up ads on our devices for Game of War.  For good measure, they also sneak in Kate’s brother Phil (Taylor Kinney) who happens to be easy on the eyes.  When it’s all said and done though there is really one highlight to the film, and if we are being honest with each other, the only reason we watched this film was for Nicki Minaj’s acting debut.  Minaj plays Carly’s receptionist who appears from time to time to add random fill ins of conversation.  Touching on this point, the entire film revolves around this idea of adding new and random fill ins to try to keep our attention while completely forgetting about forming a good plot.

The film is a romantic comedy, which is one of my favourite genre groupings, but the comedic side of things was forced rather than flowing effortlessly.  In the end, we were disappointed with Nicki, we were disappointed with Cameron, we were disappointed with Kate, we were disappointed with the random and lacking plot and over all, disappointed with the film.  Milo (my pup) also voiced his disappointment with Cameron Diaz by barking and growling at her each time she appeared on the screen.

The Other Woman is a no go on all accounts.


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