Suits: Season Two

Picture Courtesy of NBC Universal Television Distribution

Picture Courtesy of NBC Universal Television Distribution

I’ll admit I may have dropped the ball on this one as I was so eager and caught up in seeing what happens in the series, that I watched almost all of the third season before realizing I have not even done a review for the second.

Everything that we have been trying to keep secret from Season One threatens to explode in our faces, ruining everything.  Not to mention that some old business associates and enemies are creeping out of the woodwork.  Danielle Hardman, as in Pearson Hardman, is back and although we don’t know his history we know that Harvey and Jessica are not pleased.  The second season revolves around Hardman’s intentions, while revealing his past and laying out even more episodes to have us hooked.  With the introduction of new characters and focusing on those we love, Season Two introduces us to the continuation episodes.  Although Season One followed the same characters, growing their own personal stories as we went, the cases were usually solved within that episode.  Season Two has created a monster with cases spanning multiple episodes, being able to create more drama, more relationships and more suspense.

Season Two does not fail us, as mentioned before I have already devoured most of Season Three before realizing this review is overdue.  What can I say other than the obvious?  Suits has me hooked.  The same great characters grace the screen, while the addition of some new ones we have come to enjoy, and those we despise.  The series is well written to gain a wide array of interests for the viewers.  There are many times when I make conjectures out loud, much to the chagrin of those around me, and find them to be true.   This only gives kudos to the writes of the series, because we think alike and if I were to have written it we would have been in the same mind frame.  Despite my premonitions it does not take away from the series in the slightest and I am still thrilled and excited with each passing episode.

If you haven’t got the message yet, this is a MUST SEE series and I don’t know what you are waiting for.

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