Suits: Season Three

NBCUniversal Television Distribution

NBCUniversal Television Distribution

As mentioned in my season two review, I had been blowing through these episodes on Netflix and before I knew it we had finished season two and most of season three without realizing no review was done.

Season three brings us the finale for the Ava Hessington case, which started off as bribery charges, turned murder charges.  It also introduces to us another member from the British side of Pearson Darby, Stephen Huntley.  Stephen is cocky, just like Harvey, and has been sent to help Harvey with a secret deal he makes with Darby.  While in America, Huntley sets his sights on the enigmatic Donna.  While struggling to close the case with outside threats looming, Mike’s secret risks further exposure on top of his new relationship with Rachel.




On top of all this, season three brings us one of the biggest changes of all, Mike entertaining a job offer as an investment banker!  The move is strategic to protect everyone, but they still find a way to keep everyone connected.  Despite the connections, there is a feeling of a disconnect that we are still trying to get accustomed to and really just hoping it will all end and go back to normal.

Suits is such a great series and is so easy to fall into the, just one more cycle.  Unfortunately, not all the seasons are on Netflix, as the series is still ongoing!  What we are going to do when we reach the end of the Netflix episodes I could not tell you.  I would hate to go from binging to weekly scrapings.

Any suggestions for future series, please feel free to comment below.  If you haven’t started the Suits series, please comment as to why on earth you are reading my review for season three, and why you haven’t started watching!


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