Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children: Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs

Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children: Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs

Time is running out for the Peculiar Children. With a dangerous madman on the loose and their beloved Miss Peregrine still in danger, Jacob Portman and Emma Bloom are forced to stage the most daring of rescue missions. They’ll travel through a war-torn landscape, meet new allies, and face greater dangers than ever… Will Jacob come into his own as the hero his fellow Peculiars know him to be? This action-packed adventure features more than 50 all-new peculiar photographs.1

Library of Souls takes off right where Hollow City left off.  If you remember, Hollow City entered right in the middle of a very important moment!  There is such a thing as cliff hangers, but this was almost stopping mid sentence.  As stated above, Library of Souls boasts 50 all-new peculiar photographs, which was such a treat and a real highlight of the previous two novels.

So this is it… Library of Souls is the finale, the be all and end all of peculiardom.  Jacob and his friends were up against an army of Wights and Hollows, while time raced on and threatened fast forward on some peculiars and freeze forms for their Imbrynes.

It has been quite some time so I had to re-read my reviews for the first and second book in the series and take my thoughts from the third to form a whole.  The first book was fresh and exciting with these amazing and creepy real photos turned into loveable and memorable characters.  My only negative about the first book was the villains in the story.  Moving on to book two, the journey continued with great photos and even more amazing characters.  Things could only go up from there and with having read the book in 2013 and known it would be turned into a film, it makes it even more exciting to know that the release date for that film is coming soon in March 2016.

Jacob and Emma are our main peculiars in the series.  When their friends are kidnapped it is up to them and a few other peculiars along the way to rescue them.  Enemies are all around them, and it becomes even more difficult to believe they will survive the coming hours, let alone find their friends and free them.  With the help of some unlikely allies, Library of Souls takes us deep into the underbelly of Peculiardom showing us some very raw and disturbing realities to their world.  Mysteries are revealed and legends believed to be children’s tales open up doorways to great power and great destruction.

I’m really having a hard time with this review because I had an even harder time reading this book.  The book is 463 pages long which is fairly lengthy; however, keep in mind it boasts the additional 50 photographers as well as Part separations with full page dividers and large print.  In reality it comes to a rather manageable size which makes it all the more difficult to believe how long it has taken me to read it.  Time and time again I would pick up the book, only to be distracted or move on to something else.  I chose to use my free time on other things, mainly attempting to read the book at lunch at work.  This consisted of page or two at a time, more if I was lucky and could trudge through it.

My number one negative about the first book was the villains, which play a major role in this final book.  My number one positive about the second book was the addition of great characters.  Library of Souls managed to remove most of these new characters from Hollow City, focuses on the main core group, and even then they only exist near the end of the story.  Something seriously has gone amiss with this book as it has strayed so far from the greatness that it was.  Perhaps it is symbolic of diving deeper into a destructive squalor loop that Riggs felt the need to reflect this in the story and plot.  I could have done away with the first 3 quarters of the novel and had been more satisfied.  Although there was a boast worthy amount of pictures, many of which showed rooms, doorways, nooks and crannies.  When many pictures that appeared with actual people, their roles and descriptions did not play nearly a large a role a the ones in the first two novels.

I am greatly disappointed in this novel.  A co-worker had been asking about the book having seen me reading it a few times on my lunch.  After explaining the first two books and my interest in them they had consisted purchasing the whole series; however, after weeks of trudging through this book I explained that with this third book it is actually not even worth the bother.  I can honestly say that in order to best ENJOY this series, it would be to watch the movie rather than read the series.  If you plan on reading the series I suggest stopping after book two and keeping your joyful memories intact.  Yes, I am suggested to stop mid sentence, alone on a cliff, rather than jumping to a most painful death of reading the third book.

P.s.  What the hell was up with the Library of Souls!?  Seriously… It started off with the promise of something like the Hall of Prophecy in Harry Potter, instead turning into a 90’s power ranger battle with equally dismal graphics.

  1.  Book summary courtesy of Ransom Riggs webpage.

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