Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures


Everyone is familiar with the story of Peter Pan, but not many are as familiar with how Peter came to be in Neverland.  Previews for the film boasted a great adventure with spectacular graphics, along with a twist.  Peter’s sworn enemy is Captain James Hook, but prior to becoming Captain, were James Hook and Peter Pan really friends?

The film takes place during World War II, a mysterious woman (Amanda Seyfried) is running through the streets of London at night.  She appears to be no ordinary woman when she exhibits great strength and agility by leaping onto a lock and over a gate while cradling a baby in her arms.  She drops the baby off at an orphanage doorstep leaving him with a necklace and a note.  Flash forward a few years to the mischievous and brave Peter (Levi Miller) who discovers that the boys who leave the orphanage aren’t exactly being adopted.  When Peter is taken by a strange group of pirates, he is transported to a world like no other ruled by none other than the famous Black Beard (Hugh Jackman).  Peter, along with men and boys of all ages, are forced to mine for fairy dust crystals known as pixel.  Interestingly enough they mine for the fairy dust in order for Black Beard to use it like a drug to stay younger longer.  While in the mines, Peter escapes with the help of James Hook (Garret Hedlund) and his friend Smee (Adeel Akhtar).  When the trio meet Princess Tiger Lily (Rooney Mara), Peter learns about the Pan tribe, and the prophecy of a boy who can fly who will save them all.

The film has great graphics and would have been a real treat to see in theatres in 3D.  The film combines so many great elements of the Peter Pan story and creating this prequel in a unique and exciting way.  Despite all the positives going for the film, in the end the story was a flop with so much going on to try to create impact.  When Peter arrives to Neverland the mine workers and Black Beard actually sing “Smells like teen spirit” by Nirvana together.  It was just very strange and out of place.  Not to mention the strangeness of the drug use in a movie seemingly meant for children. The faeries were chosen to be depicted as little sparkling lights, but had the ability to transform into human fairy form for one day.  James Hook, played by the handsome Garret Hedlund had a very over the top showman’s voice which twinned the Joker from the Dark Knight more than Hook.

I applaud the film makers for their good intentions, unfortunately it just wasn’t enough to create the truly epic film that this could have been.  One to pass the time, but not one to actively seek out.


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