Movies NOT To See: January 2016 Edition

Movies NOT To See.  A compiled list to help you weed out the good vs the bad to save your time, money and brain cells. A link to the preview has been provided in the title.

Anesthesia (Jan 8)

I’m not sure what it is but when film trailers are stamped with a film festival and an award at the beginning they all seem to carry the same things: Deep meaningful stories that tend to drag on and in the end you can only comment “It was okay” and nothing more.  Which is a shame because I’d consider watching it for some of the characters but know that I never will.

The Abandoned (Jan 8)

Security Guards unleash ghostly children from an area of a building they were told to stay out of…..

Diablo (Jan 8) Limited Release

Scott Eastwood stars in a western film about a man whose wife is kidnapped and his journey to get her back.

The Masked Saint (Jan 8) Limited Release

A retired wrestler moves to a small town to be a pastor but becomes a vigilante when the crime in his town is too much for him.

Ride Along 2 (Jan 15)

I never saw the first one, but I can easily say I have no interest in watching this one.  I saw Rush Hour 1 and 2, Kevin Hart is like a newer smaller version of Chris Rock.

Nut Job 2 (Jan 15)

You mean to tell me there was a Nut Job 1? >_<

Norm of the North (Jan 15)

One for the kids with tons of cheesy jokes to satisfy the parents as well.

Moonwalkers (Jan 15)

Based on the conspiracy theory of the U.S. moon landing being a fake, stars Ron Perlman and Rupert Grint.

Exposed (Jan 22)

A detective played by Keanu Reeves uncovers police corruption and secrets after the death of his partner.

Laser Team (Jan 27)

How did this movie even get made?  A group of “losers” witness an alien crash containing a battle suit.  They each get a piece and are stuck with it, now defenders of earth for an upcoming alien invasion.

Fifty Shades of Black (Jan 29)

I suppose this was bound to happen…. Get it?  Bound?  Yeah… that joke was not even a fraction of how…painful… this movie will be.

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