Love at Stake #1: How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Love at Stake #1: How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Welcome to the dangerous—and hilarious—world of modern day vampires. There are vampire cable channels, a celebrity magazine called Live with the Undead, and just like the living, vampires have dental emergencies. That’s how dentist Shanna Whelan, a mortal female, meets the smolderingly undead Roman Draganesti, and finds her life turning absolutely batty…1

While running through my to be read list I was reminded of jotting down this hilarious title.  I don’t think I read anything more than the title before adding it to my list.  When I came across it through a library app as a audiobook I figured there is no time like the present and I wasn’t sure if I would actually make time to read the actual book.

Shanna Whelan works at a 24 hour dental emergency clinic in New York city.  Nothing remotely interesting happens during her night shift and she has settled into a routine so much so that she looks forward to the playful flirting with the pizza delivery boy she sees nightly.  As awful as it may sound to some, boredom and routine was exactly what Shanna was seeking.  After being placed in the witness relocation program after witnessing a murder, she was forced to go into hiding and cut all contact with her friends and family.  Her life in hiding is quickly dashed to pieces when the people hunting her down contact her at work.  While trying to escape the clinic in time, she runs into Roman Draganesti, a vampire who is seeking her assistance in putting his fang back after losing it in a rather embarrassing experiment.  Mistaking Roman for a hitman, she tries to escape both him and the Russian men shooting through her store front window.  When Roman rescues Shanna and promises to protect her, she is thrown into a household full Scottish Highlander guards who cover the night shift, while another group cover the day shift, as well as a group of strange ladies who spend their evenings watching tv and drinking in the parlour.  Shanna must learn to trust the mysterious and handsome Roman Draganesti to protect her from an experienced hitman and his goons while  learning that her protector could be even more dangerous.

Not sure what I was expecting from this one.  I got the vibe that it would be somewhat of a dirtier novel akin to fifty shades but with vampires thrown into the mix.  I was a little disheartened to discover that it was one in a series as I was hoping to get my kicks from a standalone book.  Turns out there are 10 or more books in the Love at Stake series.  It seems that each book explores different characters that may or may not have been mentioned in this first book, but surrounds the same world.  By that reasoning I have allowed myself to skip the rest in the series and treat this as a strand alone venture.

Vampire books are always a fun read, and I am a sucker for romance novels it seems, cheesy or otherwise.  It is always fun to see how the author will represent vampires and any little quirks and differences they choose to interpret.

How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire is a good distraction into a world full of romance, vampires and a bit of silliness.  There are scenes while being read that seem perfectly serious that have lines that caused me to burst out laughing at the unexpected moments.  Everybody loves the tall dark and handsome rich vampire guys, what’s not to like? As I said I have no intentions of continuing the series but I imagine the other books would contain the same writing style of adventure, sex and humour.

I’d recommend the series as a silly distraction book when looking for nothing serious and no commitment to long term.  The title itself should be enough for you to form your own opinions.


  1. Book summary courtesy of Kerrelyn Sparks’ webpage.



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