The Intern

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures


I was really looking forward to seeing this movie when I saw the preview.  Robert De Niro is a great actor and you can’t help but love him and the movies he is in.  Of course you can always still love him and not like the movie…

Robert De Niro plays Ben Whitaker, a widower who comes across an ad for a senior citizen intern program.  As with most seniors, the work ethic is instilled in them and they would prefer to put in an honest days work rather than ramble around aimlessly in the ever praised retirement. The company is called About the Fit and and just so happens to be in the same building where Ben worked for countless years prior to retiring.  About the Fit is an online fashion and shopping website whose popularity is on the rise.  CEO of the company is the young workaholic, Jules (Anne Hathaway).  I must admit that I actually like Anne Hathaway, the majority of my opinion coming from the Devil Wears Prada movie which was so perfect.  She is a very hit or miss actress, as you can tell by simply asking people what they think of her.  Many times you could talk about a great movie, then casually add that Anne Hathaway is in it and many people’s automatic response is “Oh, I don’t like her.”  There seems to be a quality about her that just rubs people the wrong way which is difficult to put your finger on.

With the company growing and the demands of Jules’ time ever growing, her investors believe she is not able to handle the workload and suggest hiring a new CEO to take over some of the work.  Having built the company from the ground up and being a workaholic, she struggles with the demands of the job, the investors, and balancing her home life.  When Ben is introduced as her new intern assistant she sloughs him off, not wanting to take the time to deal with him.  After winning over many of the other associates, Ben finds himself in an integral role working with Jules and in turn she finds someone she can truly depend on.

A story always starts with an idea and is usually the pinnacle of the whole beast, but really only makes up a small fraction.  This leaves a vast area to be filled in with bits and pieces to try to string the whole thing together to support that one great initial idea.  It’s the bits and pieces in The Intern that really clutter up the story and take away from that initial great idea.

It has actually been awhile since I had seen the movie, if that gives you a further indication of the film, it made such an impact that I forgot that I had seen it and forgot to do a review for it.  I suspect once you have finished reading this, like a spell, you will forget you had ever read it, and forget you had ever wanted to.  Poof!



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