Steve Jobs (2015 film)

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures


Since the passing of Steve Jobs there have been five films each wanting to take a bite out of the Apple genius.  Each film seems more like a stepping stone, building its way from made for TV specials to Hollywood big budget films.  It seems as if people’s lives are like hard drives, continually storing data while releasing small files here and there.  It isn’t until people have passed that these hard drives are opened and put on display for the world.  Lost details, unknown facts and memories are all exposed.  With so much technology headed by Jobs himself, it was a wonder he was able to keep any of his life private.  Steve Jobs and Apple go hand in hand, but many people do not know his story and how he was fired from Apple, and his journey home back to Apple.

The latest biographical film released October 2015 stars Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs.  Shadowed by his marketing executive, Joanna Hoffman (Kate Winslet), the film follows Jobs before the launch of three key products: Apple Macintosh, the NeXT Computer and the iMac G3.  The audience is taken behind the scenes on all three launches and the very personal details of Jobs life.  Starring off with the Apple Macintosh crashing one hour prior to launch, his difficult relationship with his daughter whom he denied being the father and ex-girlfriend Chrisann Brennan.

After being fired from Apple, Jobs works on his NeXT computer system.  The NeXT system was designed as a visually appealing black cube, altered slightly to give the illusion of a perfect cube.  It was with this system Jobs was able to sell to Apple and be reinstated to his original home.

The final launch is for the Apple iMac G3, by far one of my favourite Apple products of all time.  The series with their clear casings and color options sings right to my heart.  Apparently I have a thing for clear and coloured things.  I was never an Apple child growing up, only with the brief experiences at school, but it was the Windows products, being as cheap as they are, that were a staple for most of my life.  It wasn’t until I purchased my own Mac products; first iPod, leading to eventually other iPods, laptops and iPads that Apple has carved it’s way firmly into my life and have no intentions of letting it leave.

I’m not quite sure what I was expecting going into this film.  I remember seeing the previews and thinking it would be an interesting watch, but I had no idea the pattern it would follow.  The audience gets an inside look to each launch of these products as well as flashbacks to the building blocks that made Apple what it is today.  The film is 122 minutes long, but you wouldn’t know it.  The way the film is broken into three acts it teases to many events which you would love to know more of, but fades away to the next thing without giving you the pleasure.

Overall, the film was interesting, but nothing spectacular.  Fassbender and Winslet do great jobs in their roles.  I’ve always enjoyed Winslet, um I believe it’s mandatory being a fan of Titanic, but despite Fassbender’s growing list of films, it would be this film that made me really pay attention to him.  Apple fans rejoice and watch this nostalgic trailer to your current technological appendages.  Non-Apple fans, watch and rejoice at all the things you wish you had while stewing over your crummy products you will need to replace by the time you finish reading this.



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