The 4400 – TV Series

Picture Courtesy of Viacom Productions, Paramount Television and CBS Paramount Television

Picture Courtesy of Viacom Productions, Paramount Television and CBS Paramount Television


The Science fiction TV series consists of four seasons released between 2004 and its cancellation in 2007, all of which are available on Netflix.  I can’t imagine I would have watched the full series if it hadn’t been available on Netflix.  Scratch that, the only reason I watched it was because it was on Netflix.  I don’t watch much TV and I haven’t for a long time, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that I had not even heard of this series.  The fact that it was a Canadian series only adds to its obscurity and backs up the fact as to why I never heard of it.

In the first episode a giant ball of light is headed to earth.  The world forces join together to launch missiles at the ball, only for it to have no effect.  When it reaches earth, instead of crashing and causing destruction, the ball simply hovers over a lake in Washington.  When the ball of light disappears, 4400 people appear on the shore of the lake.  Each person had disappeared between the years of 1946 and the present, but for them, not a moment has passed.  The government agency called NTAC, National Threat Assessment Command takes charge rounding up these 4400 people for questioning.  As time passes they are released back into the public under the condition that they return for regular check ups.  We are introduced to a handful of these 4400’s who begin to develop supernatural powers.  The premise is that these people were taken by the future and given these abilities to return at that moment to save mankind of the future destruction of earth.

The series has a lot of cheesy, low budget qualities, but the idea is catchy enough to have kept me watching.  There were times that my attention wandered but the series is easy enough to follow.  A few attempts have been made to revive the series, as the fourth season ends at a cliff hanger, but none have been successful.  The last attempt to revive the series was made in June 2015.  Even if the series was revived there would be some serious upgrades to the series and maybe even the actors/actresses to play characters.  I imagine they would simply rewrite the story to make up for these, as they did with the four seasons that aired.

The 4400 isn’t the greatest series ever made, but if you are into science fiction the series offers a fun concept of supernatural abilities, the struggle of survival and government interference.  The worst part is the series really picks up and gets pretty intense during the last two episodes before cutting off at a trove of possibilities.


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