Smash Buger

Picture Courtesy of Smash Burgers website

Picture Courtesy of Smash Burgers website

When it comes to burgers, it is hard to find a place that makes a great burger (or so I’ve been told).  Everyone always has their favourites, but there is also your favourite during your current mood.  What may be good for a Saturday afternoon, may not be your favourite during those hangover glooms.  With medical things in my past it was easier to avoid hamburgers entirely, and go with the completely safe option, but not always flavourful, chicken, but the amount of effort that goes into a chicken is minuscule compared to that of the sacred burger.

I experienced Smash Burger today completely by chance.  With some time to kill before a haircut, we wondered over with two options at hand.  A healthy sandwich shop where we have been before and enjoyed, or trying something new and checking out Smash Burger.  Walking into the place I suppose we were a bit confused as the cash registers had screens on the front and at the moment there was more work going on in the back than the front, so we automatically assumed it was a self serve touch screen.  For fear of looking like complete idiots we decided to hang back and put all our efforts into studying the menu as if there would be an exam afterwards.  Thankfully someone appeared at the register, and with our burger choices selected, began to place our orders.  The place boasted their main item of burgers, but also a selection of shakes.  As much as I was craving a shake, I took the smart choice and decided on the safe Dad’s cream soda.  While drifting off I was completely oblivious to the interaction going on between Jamie and the Smash Burger employee and nearly missed out on ordering fries.  Now this may be the part of the story where I lose you.  Of course I wanted fries, who doesn’t?  Are fries not a mandatory side to any burger meal?  Apparently not.  You must actually add to your order that you would like fries to make it a combo of burger, drink and fries.  Perhaps this is something that has become the norm in the burger world for years, but I have been so out of the scene that I have become a hopeless foreigner.  Note to self, bring Burger dialect translation book or app on next excursion.

Our meals were brought to our tables quickly and I must admit that I was excited.

With my excitement I placed the burger top on top of the rest of the burger and gave it the mandatory squash before remembering to take a picture and ruining the initial display.  My burger choice was the Buffalo and Blue Cheese burger.  Frank’s hot sauce, real blue cheese crumbles, lettuce, tomato & mayo on an egg bun.  Not that I have any clue what the difference between an egg bun and a regular bun is.  The ingredients and process as to how the place makes the burger is essential, but the most notable differentiation to any restaurant is the way they make their fries.  As you can see the fries are very thin stringy fries, which makes them easier to cook and have that perfect crunch.  Sure, a mound of large fries is great, but nothing is worse than having raw or too much potato innards in your fries.  While on the topic of what sets restaurants apart is also their gravy.  Jamie and I opted for the gravy, which was completely unnecessary given how small the fries were, forcing you to strategically grab a handful and dunk, or choose the savoury “I will be here for hours” single dunk.

The first bite of my burger, which I’m sure you are all dying to hear about, was absolutely delicious.  It was juicy and done perfectly.  It was just the right size and since many hours have past between my burger experience and this post I can say I made is safely with zero complications.  The fries, although partially tedious due to their size, were fresh and had the right amount of crunch and salt with nothing negative to say about them.  The gravy, which was not necessary to save the meal, was a nice addition as their gravy was also done very well, which can be very hit or miss at some places.  Washing it all down with an old fashioned cream soda was the best touch to a great meal.

Now with the meal being over and all the wonderful things said about Smash Burger, let’s get down to business.

What did I not like about Smash Burger and what you need to know:

The burgers do not come with fries.  I repeat, the burger… does not… come with fries.  What the heck is up with that?  Prices may vary depending on your location, but might I add that my choice of burger, which sat under their signature collection was $8.49, and your telling me that is just for the burger alone and nothing else?

If you’re looking for a cheap date, you won’t be going to Smash Burger thats for sure.

To rate Smash Burger fairly and take in the whole experience, looking back I think I should have had a shake, but the cost again was a factor in this decision.  To add a shake to your burger, which does not come with fries, is an additional $5.49.  That milkshake better come with a few extra shakes to make it worth my while.

As an after thought I thought it would be a nice touch to take a picture of the receipt to show you all, but alas it was an after thought and Jamie did not get one, I can; however, tell you that the total of our quick unplanned lunch cost a total of $29.33.  That is $30 for two people to enjoy a burger and fries, with a splurge of gravy.  If we added the two shakes our meal would have cost around $40 just for the two of us to have burgers.

There may be something to alleviate the pain, as I saw these pamphlets on the tables.

Promotions and Specials, I should hope there are a handful of coupons available and not just advertisements to let me know what flavour of milkshake I am missing this month.

On the note of the pamphlets, do not take them out of the special metal hoop ring holder.  As I later found out it was impossible to get back in.  After giving up and placing it in the condiment caddy, rather ungracefully, I was able to watch a man at another table experiencing the same dilemma and coming to the same conclusion.

So I hope you enjoyed my first posting under my Events/Restaurants category and hope you stay tuned for any future postings.

In summary, Smash Burger makes one very delicious burger and fries, if you so choose to add those to your lonely meal of a single burger, but in the end comes with a price tag and the old adage, you get what you pay for.


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