Movies NOT To See: May 2016 Edition

Movies NOT To See.  A compiled list to help you weed out the good vs the bad to save your time, money and brain cells. A link to the trailer has been provided in the title. 


The Family Fang (May 4)

An odd movie about an odd family.  The parents are famous for staging public hoaxes and strange family photos.  When the parents go missing under questionable circumstances they are unsure if it is another hoax or foul play is involved.  Starring Christopher Walken, Maryann Plinked, Nicole Kidman and Jason Bateman.

A Bigger Splash (May 4)

A bit of an odd movie but a good looking cast, the cast being the only thing to entice you to consider watching it.  Thankfully the preview plays out everything from the field so now there is no need to actually see it.

Dark Horse (May 4)

Tells the true story of a barmaid who bred and racehorse that became a champion.

High Rise (May 13)

Available on iTunes April 29th and in theatres May 13th comes a strange film based on a classic novel of class struggles in a single building.  As much as I love Luke Evans I’m not sure I could see myself watching this.

Last Days In The Desert (May 13)

Starring Jesus, I mean, Ewan McGregor as Jesus.  An imagined tale of Jesus’ forty days of fasting and praying in the desert.

The Darkness (May 13)

A horror movie about haunted indian stones and ghosts with dirty hands.

Search Party (May 13)

One man crashes his friends wedding and ruining everything.  While going to Mexico to try to get his finance back he gets lost, naked and alone in Mexico and is covered in cocaine.

The Trust (May 13)

A strange drug/heist film starring an even stranger duo of Nicholas Cage and Elijah Wood.

The Nice Guys (May 20)

As cute as Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are together in this, it’s not enough to make it worth while.


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