How To Be Single


Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

From February 2016 Movies To See listing:

How To Be Single (Feb 12) Haha okay, so I tried my best not to laugh watching the trailer but I did, and we are all interested in watching Anastasia in whatever it is she is doing delaying our Fifty Shades.”

The film opens with Alice (Dakota Johnson) as our narrator describing different ways of how to be single while flipping through our main characters.

Robin (Rebel Wilson) is a party girl living her life on the wild side and hooking up with whoever she wants.

Lucy (Alison Brie) has an algorithm based on her research of dating websites, but has yet to find the one.

Megan (Leslie Mann) is a doctor who doesn’t have time for anything outside of her busy work life.

Lastly we have Alice, showing how she met her college boyfriend, we flash forward to when the two have graduated.  Alice has decided that the two need to take a break because she doesn’t know who she is as a person and hasn’t taken the time to be single and on her own.  Moving in with her big sister Megan who lives in New York, Alice meets Robin, her new co-worker, as Robin coaches Alice through mastering the single life.  Each woman portrays a different side to being single, while each is actually looking for a man in their own way.

Leslie Mann and Rebel Wilson are both comedy type cast actresses.  Rebel always uses absurd and extreme things to bring the comedy factor, while Leslie has a more toned down way of bringing humour to the situation.  In either case, each seamlessly could be walking on and off the set of 20 different movies they are in at the same time and change nothing but perhaps their clothes.

Alison Brie may have starred in more films than Dakota Johnson, but looking through her filmography I barely recognized any of the things she has been in, and the more well known ones I couldn’t begin to place her.

I think I’m still trying to get a feel for Dakota as to where she sits on my radar.  Love her because of her Fifty Shades of course, she portrays the timid awkward role very well, but I am starting to wonder if she would bring this quality with her to any role she plays, similar to that of Rebel and Leslie but in a different category.

Despite the laughs and the good times, I wasn’t really sure where the film was trying to take us at most time.  Even when we get there I feel like all we accomplished was driving around the block a few times while managing to pick up a few new people along the way.

How To Be Single can be added to the ever growing list of new comedies that entice us with names and comedy, provide a few quick laughs then leave our memories as quickly as they came.  Where are those good old comedies that you could watch an infinite amount of times and still enjoy it and laugh as if it were the first time?  I don’t think I could sit through How To Be Single for a second round, unless it was on in the background while I watched short vids of people decorating cakes on Instagram.  You want to know how to be single? Take your date to this movie, then you will really stay single.



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