Movies To See: June 2016 Edition

Movies TO See.  A compiled list to help you weed out the good vs the bad to save your time, money and brain cells. A link to the trailer has been provided in the title. 

Now You See Me 2 (June 10)

I actually liked the first movie.  I didn’t think they would actually make a second film.  I’m a bit sad to see Isla Fisher is gone, but the rest of the cast makes an appearance and replaced Isla with Lizzy Caplan.  And just for a laugh they added Daniel Radcliffe.  Come on, Harry Potter in a magic movie? That’s funny.  Not sure if they have what it takes to back up for a second movie but I’d give it a shot.

The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist (June 10)

I don’t think any horror movie should really be on a too see list.  They can be on lists to see eventually but nothing to rush out and see.  I liked Vera Farming and Patrick Wilson as Ed and Lorraine Warren in the first one so I would be willing to give the second a chance.  Horror movies are always more fun when “based on true events”.

Warcraft (June 10)

I never played the games but there is a huge following and I can imagine many of you are really looking forward to this one.

Finding Dory (June 17)

The long wait is finally over.  The movie we have all been waiting for Finding Dory! As we get nearer and nearer to the film release more and more trailers are coming out giving us deeper glimpses into what we can expect.  At this point I would prefer if they stopped and let the film have some mystery and surprise to go along with the laughs and love.

Central Intelligence (June 17)

You know… I’m really questioning putting this movie on the to see list.  I know you all will see it, and I happen to like Dwayne Johnson so I would accept that, but we all know it won’t be good.  So as long as we are all okay with that going in we should be fine.

Clown (June 17)

There are a lot of things about this movie that look stupid, but clowns are creepy and I imagine this will be a pretty freaky movie.  For that reason I will leave this on the TO see list.

Independence Day: Resurgence (June 24)

Heck yes I remember the original.  That was actually a good movie, and although I know this will not compare to the original in the slightest I would still give it a shot.

Free State of Jones (June 24)

Not really a war/history fan, but this one looks interesting.  Based on the true story (obviously dramatized and embellished) of Newt Knight a defiant southern farmer who leads a rebellion against the Confederacy.

The Neon Demon (June 24)

I loved Dakota Fanning’s movies and I think her sister Elle is doing a great job following in her footsteps.  A beautifully artistic movie about an aspiring model whose innocence is destroyed by the industry and the people around her.  I feel like this movie would be more of a treat for the eyes than anything, but I suspect it may also be one of those movies when you shift uncomfortably in the theatre chair wondering how much longer there is.  Best keep this one at home.

The Shallows (June 29)

I hate sharks, but I seem to like shark movies.  Starring Blake Lively as she teaches us how to beat the bad sharks.


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