The Conjuring 2


Picture Courtesy of Warner Brothers Pictures

From June 2016 edition of movies to see:

The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist (June 10)

I don’t think any horror movie should really be on a to see list.  They can be on lists to see eventually but nothing to rush out and see.  I liked Vera Farming and Patrick Wilson as Ed and Lorraine Warren in the first one so I would be willing to give the second a chance.  Horror movies are always more fun when “based on true events”.

Based on true events and horror movies go hand in hand these days.  Someone dies in a house, true story about a haunted house that has cannibalistic tendencies that is actually the spirit of an alien from another planet reincarnated into a clown who killed 100 people in the house.  That is one purple monkey dishwasher if I ever saw one.

The film begins with Ed and Lorraine investigating the well known Amittyville killings to determine is there was a darker presence involved in the killings.  While performing a seance, Lorraine is pulled into a vision that takes her back to the events of the night of the killings.  She is frightened by a dark figure in a nun’s outfit and disturbed by a premonition of Ed’s death.

Fast forward one year, Lorraine is still haunted by the premonition and the dark figure.  The church comes forward to seek the Warren’s help with a case in London.  Many documented cases of demonic activity are plaguing a family, but the church needs proof before they can step in.  The Warren’s agree to go to London to observe the case to determine if it is a hoax with the agreement that if there is a presence the church would step in from there.

Janet, the second oldest of the children is seen sleep walking, conversing with an entity and even being controlled by the entity.  The spirit claims that the house belongs to him and wants them out.  The events have gone public and believers and skeptics alike have all flocked to the Enfield house in London.  While observing the family, Lorraine and Ed can see that something is very wrong, but Lorraine is not picking up any irregular entities, only the family’s fear.  The couple struggle to help this family that is clearly in distress, while Lorraine fears that this case could be the one that leads to her premonition and Ed’s death.

The Enfield house was in fact a true case in London where the family was experiencing demonic activity; however, for every believer there were just as many skeptics ready to debunk it as just another hoax.  For Janet, the daughter that the demonic activity surrounded, she held true to her story until the very end, even living in the house until her death in a disturbingly similar fashion to that of the spirit that plagued her.

As with the first movie I loved Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as Ed and Lorraine Warren.  Through a bit of bad luck and missing our intended movie, Jamie and I actually caught this movie in theatres, despite my prior recommendation that horror movies are best left at home.  The theatre experience varies depending on the movie and the crowd, but a benefit to catching a horror movie in the theatre is having that protection of the crowd, rather than having to lurk around the dark house after watching it at home.  There are also those times when other audience members are more vocal than others creating disturbances or breaking some tension by laughing at their outburst while inwardly thanking your lucky stars that it wasn’t you.  Still there were some parts that got me that made me jump.  One notable difference in the second film that I don’t recall from the first film is the blatant additions of comedy.  It was out of place and confusing but they decided to interject moments of laughter throughout the film.  The only reason I could think of is to break the tension and to allow you to relax, lulling you into a false sense of security before something jumps out at you again.

The movie was a fun experience and I did enjoy it.  I have not done any research on Ed and Lorraine Warren so I’m not familiar with the extent of their cases, but I would admit that without creating too much overkill, that I would be down for a third Conjuring.  I still stand by my position that horror movies are best left at home, but if caught in the same situation of missing a film and having to re-evaluate your options, you could do a LOT worse than catching the Conjuring 2.


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