Finding Dory


Picture Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Movies TO See: June 2016 Edition

Finding Dory (June 17)

The long wait is finally over.  The movie we have all been waiting for Finding Dory! As we get nearer and nearer to the film release more and more trailers are coming out giving us deeper glimpses into what we can expect.  At this point I would prefer if they stopped and let the film have some mystery and surprise to go along with the laughs and love.

It has been thirteen years since the release of Finding Nemo, THIRTEEN!  It’s hard to top the greatness of Finding Nemo, but I think we are all grateful that they at least tried.  Re-watching it the day before I found I had watched the movie so many times I could quote whole scenes.  Somehow I don’t think it will be the same for Finding Dory.

The original film was done with amazing graphics depicting so many different elements of the sea, it wasn’t until a few years ago when Disney re-released a few of it’s films offering the popular trend of 3D.  Finding Dory is available to see in both regular and 3D versions.  Although it does not take advantage of things flying towards you and jumping in your face, it adds the extra depth to the creatures and the scenery as an added bonus, rather than an in your face element.  It was not a hard decision when they had Nemo and Dory 3D glasses available, the extra $10 per piece did not factor into my decision what so ever.  The fact that I have thick framed glasses and the 3D pair were clearly made for children should have factored more into my decision but it all worked out in the end.

Finding Dory takes place one year after Finding Nemo.  Nemo and Marlin have made their way back home to their anemone along with their new family member, Dory.  Dory’s short term memory loss is the focus of the entire film, and as such her memory loss is more prominent and continuously brought up.  The film takes us back to the moment when Marlin and Dory meet, when Dory first references her family and not knowing where they are.  When a long lost memory comes crashing back, Dory is convinced she remembers her family and sets out on a journey to find them.  Of course, she can’t do it alone and so she sets off with both Nemo and Marlin by her side as flashbacks pepper the story from start to finish.  There are many flash backs to when Dory was a baby and I just have to say, baby Dory has got to be one of the cutest things you will ever see and is a major highlight to the film.

Just as many familiar faces re-join the cast, with a new adventure comes new characters and new favourites.  The trio find their way to a marine life facility that rescues injured marine life, rehabilitates then releases back into the ocean.  When Dory is captured and taken into the facility, it is up to Marlin and Nemo to think like Dory and find a way into the facility and rescue her.  While in the facility, Dory finds her own adventures and even some old friends along the way.

Some of the new characters, although having a relatively small part in the film are absolutely hilarious and are definitely some new favourites.  Despite the fact that Finding Nemo takes place across an entire ocean, the majority of Nemo’s scenes are all focused around a stationary tank.  Because of this it doesn’t seem like there are as many characters in Finding Nemo than there are in Finding Dory, but the characters are all situated so far from each other that it gives the illusion of being so many more.

There were so many different trailers and spoilers released prior to the movie that I was afraid that it would spoil the whole thing.  Thankfully, this is not the case.  Although I did see a fair number of previews, they were not enough to spoil the plot of the film, still leaving many surprises and an unexpected adventure. An interested tid bit I did not know from the first film is that some of the writers/directors actually voiced some of the characters in both films.

Finding Dory does not have the same quotability that Finding Nemo has, and I find it is also missing the fluidity to the story, but in the end I am so pleased with what a great job they did.  As mentioned, baby Dory is so adorable, she sticks with you almost creating two favourites from one character, her young form, and her older form.  There is one character in particular that I could have done without, Bailey, a Beluga whale who believes he has lost his ability to use echolocation.  I feel like Bailey was more of a third wheel and a wild card addition to be able to tie things together and make the events of the story easier to unfold by simply saying “Go Bailey, fix our problem.”  Still it was done in a very informative and creative way.  Finding Dory is a must see film for all ages and one of those great movies that can seamlessly be in tune with both a young and an older audience at the same time.

I feel like I was able to stay relatively spoiler free for this review, but one bonus for you if you are seeing this in the theatre you MUST watch until the bitter end.  The end credits are very uneventful and you will question why you are sitting, but for Finding Nemo fans believe me when I say you are going to want to see this.


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