Picture Courtesy of 20th Century Fox


I’m not opposed to the Marvel movies, they just aren’t high on my priority list.  The ones I have seen have been enjoyable or at least endurable but they just aren’t enough to make me rush out and see them.  Deadpool wasn’t high on my list of movies to see either, but some time has passed since it’s release and I thought I would give it a chance.

Deadpool is the R rated version of all the Marvel films.  Starting off as a villain in the comic books, Deadpool has become the antihero in the Marvel comics.  Dripping in sarcasm and violence, Deadpool is a helpful mercenary, but he isn’t your friend.  Deadpool’s real name, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), was a former special forces.  After meeting an escort named Vanessa (Morena Baccarin)  who is equal to his vulgarity and interest, his unlikely love story begins.  That is until he finds out that he has terminal cancer.  It’s not about the pain and torment you go through when you have cancer, but the pain and torment you put those around you that you love.  Wade is offered a chance at recovery when a mysterious man from a secret organization approaches him with a cure.  He could die during the process, but he is already dying, the side effects have been unpredictable in previous test subjects.  When Wade’s “Dr”, a man named Ajax (Ed Skrein) puts him through a series of horrible tests, his sarcasm gets him into trouble. A  final test being placed into a chamber that removes all oxygen to the point of coma and death, only to release small amounts keeping you conscious and through extreme torture.  The torture is to trigger the special abilities within each person.  The tests are a success causing Wade’s tissues to heal themselves, effectively destroying all the cancer cells in his body.  The side effect, his skin from head to toe has been destroyed resembling that of a burn victim.  Afraid that Vanessa would find him repulsing, Wade disappears, leaving her to believe he has died.  Creating his persona of Deadpool, Wade begins his mission to find Ajax and seek his revenge.

I really like Ryan Reynolds as an actor.  I think he fits in the comedy roles and has branched out in some action roles that seem to be working for him as well.  His good looks and humour definitely make him a favourite for both guys and girls.

The film is overflowing with vulgar comedy, and the most random things imaginable to create humour.  It is also packed with action and little jabs towards other Marvel films, as well as it’s own movie.  The movie was an interesting little misadventure and was more entertaining than I was expecting it to be.  Definitely not rushing to put this on any of my favourites lists, but rumours of a second Deadpool have me intrigued.  I would hope for the second film they are able to get passed explaining the storyline and create a really great antihero movie, but only time will tell.


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