The 5th Wave


Picture Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

The 5th Wave is a sci-fi thriller based on the novel of the same name by Rick Yancey.  Book review for The 5th Wave is available on my webpage here.  When it comes to the film industry they are always trying to find that next big franchise.  The 5th Wave was to be the next big thing following the ending of the Hunger Games.  Readers create a huge audience of film viewers and we are even more thrilled when we see that a film is being made of a book that we have read; despite all our griping that we do.

Cassie Sullivan (Chloe Grace Moretz) was just like any regular teenager before They came.  A giant alien space craft appears seemingly out of nowhere,  their intentions unknown until they begin their wave of attacks.  The first wave cut all the power for the entire world.  Vehicles halted, cell phones died and planes fell from the sky.  The second wave brought massive tsunami’s wiping out much of the coastal cities.  The third wave harnesses the number and freedom of the birds to spread a strain of avian flu.  By the fourth wave, the aliens had dwindled the numbers down and caused the remaining humans not to trust each other, unable to tell if someone is human or alien until it’s too late, turning on each other while trying to survive.  The fifth wave takes the children away and manipulates them, turning them into weapons to use against the remaining humans.

I started The 5th Wave by audiobook, eagerly jumping to the 2nd book in the trilogy, Infinite Sea. I had never read anything by Rick Yancey before, but fell into the books so easily and really enjoyed them.  I have yet to read the final book in the series due to the lack of release and audiobook available at the time.  Simply having a good book isn’t enough to sky rocket a movie franchise to cash cow status anymore.  The Divergent series showed us this by trying to rake in the cash using the famous Harry Potter/Twilight final film split which usually doesn’t do anything but annoy us temporarily.  Despite the annoyance we still come out in droves to show our support.  I liked the Divergent books, but the films were lacking and splitting the final film in two put the nail in the coffin and saw our first book to film series throw a ton of money into it only to fizzle out prematurely.  The expectation and the hype for The 5th Wave to take the world by storm had a similar fizzle when the film did not deliver to it’s books potential.

Chloe Grace Moretz has an odd way of not blowing me away with her acting skills, but still finding her enjoyable.  There are the odd scenes where she makes weird faces and seems a bit amateur, but there is something about her that continues to make be root for her success.  That is why it was so disappointing for me when the film was so adversely captivating in comparison to the book giving off the effect of a made for tv mini series from the 90’s than a big budget hollywood film that enraptures it’s audience.  I have not ready the final book and don’t know if it has enough cards up it’s sleeve for hollywood to turn this one around.  I have a feeling that The 5th Wave will stay as a stand alone film with the others never to see the light of day. If they do push forward, they will need to learn from the mistakes of the Divergent series and really connect with the audience.  Even at it’s highest potential it doesn’t have the elements of cash cow status.

The 5th Wave is a preteen take on a great dystopian alien story that is seemingly best left to the pages of the book, or the vocals of an audiobook.


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