The Secret Life of Pets



Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Our pets are our children.  We consider them to be little versions of ourselves and we create voices and speak for them having rational conversations with ourselves or with others on behalf of our pets.  With the advancements in technology we are able to spy on our pets and observe what it is they do while we are not home.  Unfortunately, the grand adventures that we envisioned usually turn out to be endless hours of couch time.

The Secret Life of Pets takes us on one of the grand adventures that we may have pictured for one of our own pets interacting with many other animals.  Max is a Terrier who lives with his owner Katie in New York City.  Max and his fellow neighbour pets have their routines but will often find ways to meet up and converse with each other without the owners knowledge.  Max’s routine is destroyed with the introduction of a new dog, Duke.  Duke is a rescue from the pound and Max is not pleased with the new addition to the family.  The two dogs rival gets them both into deep trouble stumbling upon an underground system of abandoned pets and their sinister plot.  Max’s friends must band together to save Max and Duke before it is too late, and before their owners come home.

The Secret Life of Pets lit up trailer screens for films well in advance of it’s release and the masses were hooked.  We love pets (and for those who don’t we are sorry for your lack of soul and the dark birds to peck out your eyes should arrive shortly) and this movie touches on this great love of ours and the imaginary lives we create for them.  There are so many different kinds of animals to cater to each of our tastes and hilarious personalities and interactions between the animals create an engaging experience from start to finish.  The trailer for the film was just to get us excited; however, like most trailers, the best parts are compiled into one short clip and put forward as the trailer.  The trailer focused on the silly things our pets do before releasing anything resembling a storyline.  The summary of the film is basic and sounds like a great plot, but many more elements were added to create entertainment and a longer story.  When it comes to The Secret Life of Pets, I think the adage Less Is More would have worked better.  The film was fun, kids and adults would both enjoy the adventure, but sometimes when films become to complex and convoluted they become less memorable and lose the timeless quality that Disney and Pixar so adeptly capture.

The Secret Life of Pets is a great view for any age, but I could only imagine the reason anyone would really watch it more than once is because you have a child and the movie is on repeat 24 hours a day as your brain melts and bubbles.


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