The Neon Demon


Picture Courtesy of Amazon Studios, Broad Green Pictures, Scanbox Entertainment and The Jokers

From June 2016 Edition of Movies To See

The Neon Demon (June 24)  – I loved Dakota Fanning’s movies and I think her sister Elle is doing a great job following in her footsteps.  A beautifully artistic movie about an aspiring model whose innocence is destroyed by the industry and the people around her.  I feel like this movie would be more of a treat for the eyes than anything, but I suspect it may also be one of those movies when you shift uncomfortably in the theatre chair wondering how much longer there is.  Best keep this one at home.”

The modelling business is full of beauty and inspiration but it also has a dark side and it’s own demons.  It can be a vicious business, but business is business.  Every model dreams of hitting it big knowing that their flame has an expiration date when the next flame comes along that burns brighter.  It’s an industry that creates while simultaneously destroying.

The Neon Demon stars Elle Fanning as a young aspiring model named Jesse.  She has no family and has come to L.A. by herself, living in a shady motel managed by Hank (Keanu Reeves).  She is well below the legal age and must lie about her age as advised by her modelling agency.  On the set of her first real shoot she meets Ruby (Jena Malone) a make up artist.  Ruby takes her to a party and introduces Jesse to two fellow models Gigi (Bella Heathcote) and Sarah (Abbey Lee).  Gigi is much older than Jesse and brags about the work she has had done to stay so young and beautiful while Abbey lingers in Gigi’s shadow.  Jesse becomes a fast rising star and the three girls are jealous of Jesse in their own way.  Just like anything beautiful, it must be squashed immediately and the relationship between the girls turns dark quickly.

As expected the movie had many amazing visuals to please the artistic eye.  I like Elle Fanning as an actress and love that Jena Malone was also in the film.  I think considering this a psychological horror movie is over zealous.  Sure things turn unexpectedly dark, but it’s done in such a way that is laughable.  I would love to spout great praises for the film and it’s creative eye, but I think the film could be enjoyed just as much, if not more, by simply placing the film on fast forward.  Select a speed enough to run things along so you get to see all the visuals in a more effective timing.  The only thing you would be missing is some of the dialogue which can easily be ignored and many, many long drawn out pauses with obscure artistic noises and music.  If someone could please take this advice and turn the movie in a 10 minute max youtube clip that would be great.




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