Bad Moms



Picture Courtesy of STX Entertainment


The latest all girl comedy is about life as a mom trying to juggle work, the kids, the home and all other things in between.  Starring Mila Kunis as Amy Mitchell, Amy works long hours at her job that she was only hired on as part time.  She is also the oldest person at the young and hip coffee company as their sales rep and seemingly the only person with any responsibilities.  When Amy catches her husband having an online relationship with another woman, her strength and her routine crumbles.  She can no longer pretend to handle everything all by herself and keep up with the demands of some of the PTA functions headed by perfectionist and b!tch, Gwendolyn James (Christina Applegate). Gwendolyn is a  wealthy, posh, pristine, stay at home mom who is also the head of the PTA committee and leads all major functions of the school.  When Amy’s life begins to fall to pieces she can no longer take Gwendolyn’s high demands and publicly quits the PTA.  Gwendolyn uses her power in the PTA to make Amy’s life even more of a living hell causing Amy to run against Gwendolyn for PTA chair.

As Amy’s life changes she meets Carla (Kathryn Hahn) a laid back and very sexual single mom and Kiki (Kristen Bell) a stay at home mom with four-kids who is a bit odd from only conversing with her young children every day for years.  The trio decide to become “Bad Moms” throwing away their normal routines and saying screw it to all the high demands of all the PTA commitments and stress that goes along with being a mom.  Amy forces her children to make their own breakfast and even do their own homework, quite shocking.  The girls also decide that after being with only one man and for the last 12 years, Amy needs to get laid.  After making many of the mom dating mistakes she runs into the very desirable widowed dad from school, Jesse Harkness (Jay Hernandez).  Although attractive, Jesse’s role in the film is a little too easy, showing up at the right times, saying the perfect things, having a great body and having mind blowing sex, making his character a little too storybook; however, for a movie aimed at moms isn’t that exactly what we would want to see and hear?  Amy makes some major mistakes while exploring her freedom and must try to gain back the trust of her children to make things right again.

The story is highly predictable, but they couldn’t make up their mind if they were going to make the movie a comedy, or a sappy family bonding film.  There were times it would make you laugh, then suddenly we are having a serious family moment, then we are laughing, then we are serious and bonding, then we are laughing and bonding in unexpected ways.  While trying to play the role of the “perfect” wife and mother, Mila Kunis takes things a little too far making her character too fake.  Thankfully throughout the film, they are able to make her character relatable by connecting with ALL moms out there (and some of us non-mom/non-females who get it).

Bad Moms is definitely a chick flick in the sense that the majority of men will not understand the subtle and not so subtle mentions of their incompetences and ignorance to the amount of work that goes into everyday life.  The film had it’s moments of comedy, but in the end the jumping back and forth and the shoddy story just weren’t enough to hold it together.  The children were very testing at times, being completely spoiled and having no regard for the amount of work Amy does for them, but then again isn’t that one of the most relatable things to the moms in the audience?

Bad Mom’s was a nice little getaway for moms to have a laugh and kick back before they are forced to rush back to their busy schedules and do twice the work because they wasted too many precious hours trying to relax and have a life.  All-in-all, Bad Moms is a fun watch if you have some time to kill, but also one of those movies that you will only watch once.


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