Alice: Through The Looking Glass (movie)


Picture Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The sequel to the live action version of Alice In Wonderland comes Through The Looking Glass, not to be confused with the novel of the same name Through the Looking Glass and What She Found There.  The film decided to take part of the title for the second film, but opted out of following the story and created their own story.

Alice has been away from Underland for some time now going on adventures as the captain of her own ship.  When she returns to England, many things have changed and not for the better.  While attending a party with her mother she comes face to face with Absolem in butterfly form.  After escaping the party and following Absolem she finds herself crossing through a mirror and into another dimension, back into Underland.  Her escapes to Wonderland reflect her reality as she escapes the responsibilities surrounding her in England by traveling the world until she must return to face them.  When she returns to Wonderland she finds that the Hatter is not well.  The Hatter’s family were believed to have been killed by the Jabberwocky, but when the Hatter finds a token from his past he believes that his family may be alive somewhere.  The Hatter begs Alice for her help and to believe him, but she is hesitant.  When his health fails even further, Alice journeys to another dimension, with the help of the White Queen, to see Time himself and a mysterious object known as the Chronosphere.  Unable to convince Time to help her, she steals the Chronosphere and travels through time into the past to find out what really happened to the Hatter family.

Alice’s journey into the past gives us a look into the younger versions of the Hatter, White Queen and the Red Queen.  Alice must solve the mystery of the Hatter’s family as quickly as she can not only because of the Hatter’s failing health but Time is on her heals trying to get back his Chronosphere, the loss of which is destroying time and Time himself.

Although there are some really unique ideas being tossed around to create this story I found there were much more that bothered me that impressed me.  The first film had the huge following from the classic story from Lewis Carol, a live action look into a beloved story.  The second book’s story is quite different from the first becoming farfetched in an unappealing way with a story revolving around the game of chess and the chess pieces.  I do not blame them for creating a whole new story for the film, but even this one falls flat.

I was really bothered by the outfits chosen for Alice in the film.  I get that she came from China and was wearing a ceremonial outfit; however, it was so far beyond forced trying to make her some confident, strong women while keeping her strangeness.  I found this could have been done is a much more appealing way and not so forcefully.  She basically became the female version of the Hatter.  Many of the characters from the first film appear in the second, but their reason  for being there is sometimes questionable at best.  What confused me even more than Alice’s clothes were the Red Queen’s new minions.  Her castle has become a strange remote lair that looks like a rusted disease infestation and although she still has her card guards, her new minions are people made entirely out of fruit and vegetables.  Alice In Wonderland had many crazy and far out there things, but they managed to work together and somehow create a rather simple story whereas this movie became a mess of potential falling loosely into a knot of confusion.

The look into the past of the Hatter, the White Queen and the Red Queen were the best elements of the story.  The character of Time was a unique addition, but his elements were much more appealing than the character and execution itself.  As much as I wanted to see the second film because of the first, it took me forever to see this movie and after watching the film just enforces my hesitation to pick it up.


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