Movies NOT To See: December 2016 Edition

A compiled list to help you weed out the good vs the bad to save your time, money and brain cells. A link to the trailer has been provided in the title. 

Incarnate (Dec 2)

Horror movies are rarely on the TO see list, as there is usually more valuable things to spend your time and money on; however, once on Netflix these are free game.  I’d consider watching this one, but not in theatres.

Man Down (Dec 2)

I think I’m more surprised that Shia LaBeouf is still capable of acting.  I had assume he took a trip too far down the rabbit hole to come back.  Either way, war movies rarely interest me, but I do enjoy Jai Courtney.

The Eyes Of My Mother (Dec 2)

A movie about a woman who is scarred for life from her mother who was a surgeon that was obsessed with cutting things open to see what was inside.  The movie was shot in black and white and consists of a lonely farmhouse and animals and people being cut up and wrapped into neat little packages.

Pet (Dec 2)

A lonely tale about a man who just wants this woman to love him, so he kidnaps her and keeps her in a cage until she will love him.  Sadly, it turns out she may be even crazier than him.

Office Christmas Party (Dec 9)

Just because there are some really good actors and actresses in  the movie, doesn’t mean it will be great.  In fact, you may even laugh, but in the end you will wonder why you even bothered.

La La Land (Dec 9)

Emma Stone? Yes.  Ryan Gosling? Yes.  Borderline too much of an “artistic” film? Yes.  Because I like them both I may consider watching this, but I don’t think it is theatre worthy.

Friend Request (Nov 18) – MOVED TO DEC 9

I make no promises that they will keep it on Dec 9th.  There is forgetting to log out of your Facebook while at the Apple store, but it’s entirely different when a ghost hacks your page.  Dun, Dun, Dun.

Frank & Lola (Dec 9)

Sundance award films and I rarely get along.  A dark artsy little film about love, sex, violence and obsession.

Neruda (Dec 16)

A film about the poet Pablo Neruda during 1948, his poetry and his escapes from the government while writing poetry and inspiring the common people.

Live By Night (Dec 25)

Based on the crime novel written by Dennis Lehane, nothing to get you in the Christmas spirit like crime and murder.


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