Movies TO See: December 2016 Edition

A compiled list to help you weed out the good vs the bad to save your time, money and brain cells. A link to the trailer has been provided in the title. 

Jackie (Dec 2)

I may not ever see this movie, and especially not in theatres, but Natalie Portman’s portrayal of Jackie Kennedy and the assassination of John F. Kennedy looks like a really interesting film.

The Brand New Testament (Dec 9)

Partially because there are so few movies TO see this December, but also because of it’s unexpected humour.  A very different depiction of God.  He is an ass, and spends his time tormenting the people of earth, but when his daughter provides the date and time for when everyone will die, people try to decide what they will do with the rest of their time and some go a little crazy.

The Bounce Back (Dec 9)

You know… I’m trying to tell you what this movie is about but you won’t let me get passed the words Shemar Moore.  A bit of a romantic comedy about opposites attracting.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Dec 16)

I may not be familiar with the Star Wars series, but I am familiar enough to know that this is a must see for many of you.

Collateral Beauty (Dec 16)

A very deep story reminiscent to that of a Christmas Carol at the perfect time of year starring Will Smith, Helen Mirren, Edward Norton, Michael Pena, Naomie Harris, Keira Knightley and Kate Winslet.  Frankly, I would be shocked to find out that this was not a good movie.

Solace (DVD Release date Dec 16)

This is more like it, things are starting to pick up for the month of December.  Starring Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell, Hopkins is a retired physician with psychic powers and the killer (Farrell) has similar abilities, only better.

Assassin’s Creed (Dec 21)

I’m only vaguely familiar of the title from video games, but the movie actually looks pretty cool.

Passengers (Dec 21)

I happen to like Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence and sometimes certain space movies really work for me.  There is something strange and almost predictable about this movie, but it still looks interesting.

Sing (Dec 21)

Singing and dancing animals.  Something that will forever be in films as a source of comedy for the young and old.  Am I the only one who silently cringes that we will forever resort to this?  You don’t even know what the movie is about.  All you know is there are singing and dancing animals and you know all of you want to see it.

A Monster Calls (Dec 23)

Based on the book of the same name.  I haven’t read the book but I feel like this is one where you really should read the book first to truly understand and add depth to the story, but is not a necessity.

Why Him? (Dec 25)

Although I did not want to put this on the TO see list, I know many of you will want to waste your time on this.  Why Him? is a nice family film to bring your daughters and their boyfriends to to silently show your dislike for them, but then realize your message in the film will provide the reverse effect that one day you may come to be one happy family.


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