Scream TV Series – Season One


Picture Courtesy of the Weinstein Company


A revamp/reimagining of the classic movie Scream (God…if calling this movie a classic doesn’t make you feel old).  The TV series takes on a new back story with the introduction of our killer and our monster, Brandon James.  Brandon James was a disfigured boy who attacked and killed a group of students at a Halloween dance.  Years later and a mysterious figure is back to finish his dirty work.  With a town full of secrets it’s not difficult for the killer to turn your friends into your enemies as Emma finds out.  As the killer plays games with Emma she discovers that her family has its own deep dark secrets that may be the key to solving everything.
I wasn’t convinced I was going to like the show after watching the first few episodes.  If it wasn’t for Netflix and Go I probably would have dropped the series and never have known.  Fortunately I stayed with it and tuned into the episodes while on the bus or during lunch breaks.  Note to self, if watching a horror film/show, probably not best to do it with headphones on in a public setting.  Much to some commuters enjoyment I experienced the jumps that come with watching this genre.
As an avid reader, movie watcher and dabbler in writing its become more obvious to me that I have become one of “those” people while watching shows.  When referring to “Those” people I mean the ones who talk during movies and shows, make comments on what is happening and conjectures as to what is about to happen.  To put the cherry on top, I am also that person who turns to stare at you for your reaction when I know a good/funny part is coming up.  I’m not sure if it is my reading, my movie viewing, my writing or a mix of all three, but I find I am able to accurately predict show/movie plots and scenes before they happen.  If the show/movie is predictable I will even quote the lines right before they happen without ever having seen it before.  It sounds so much worse while reading this and I don’t know how anyone survives watching anything with me.  With that said, I think what I liked most about the Scream TV series was the push towards the obvious and the way the show played off of that by including narrations pointing out the obvious or hinting as to what may/what is to come.  This was a big thing for the original Scream movie which helped to set it apart from others in the genre. The show was able to have you so convinced that someone was the killer or something was going to happen and BAM, it doesn’t! Something else happens instead.  It was this obvious, not so obvious way of the show that is perfect for the horror genre with its way of lulling you into a false sense of security before jumping out with its stab, stab, stab (accompanied by horror movie screeching).
As the episodes of the first season get closer and closer to the end things really start to pick up.  With the added benefit of viewing pleasure it also becomes more thrilling knowing that there is a second season already released on Netflix.  How can they continue the story?  Will we not find out who the killer is?  Is there more than one?  What’s going on!?
As much fun as I had watching the first season and as surprising as some of the events were, I did kind of predict the ending, but they had me going for quite a while.  Without trying to spoil too much I did catch a glimpse of the episode titles for season 2 and noticed they are all named after famous horror movies.  I’m ready to jump into season two, but I really hope they are able to keep the trend and suspense going instead of becoming redundant and floundering like the tail end of Pretty Little Liars.  Though, I shouldn’t comment just yet as I haven’t finished the series (both Scream and PLL), but y’all know what I’m talking about.

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