Fuller House Season 2


Picture Courtesy of Warner Horizon Pictures


Whatever happened to predictability, the milkman, the paperboy and evening tv.  Come on everybody, sing it with me!

You may remember we left off with the battle of the boys for people actively voting and tweeting for their favorite throwback Steve, or the fresh meat Matt!  As noted in my post for Season One I was on team Matt and as we all tuned in and began our second season of binge watching we settled in for the big reveal.  Torn over her emotions, D.J. has finally come to a decision and is ready to share it with us all.  Before she is able to end the suspense, the boys have something they would like to share with D.J. first.  They have taken the time that she needed to find herself and to come to a decision by bonding with each other.  They became such good friends and before you know it, they each found themselves new girlfriends.

Season two follows the Fuller gang with their odd antics with a balance between the drama and adventures of the adults, as well as keeping much of the focus on the children and their stories.  They are after all our future, and potentially our further down the line Fullest House revamp #FullestHouseRevamp2040 ? Maybe not.

The show continues to have that wholesome family quality to it that makes it so nice to kick back, relax and enjoy some laughs without engaging in anything too deep.  There is the background story that carries each episode along, but it also has that infinite after school rerun quality where you could watch an episode from the middle of the season and still be able to enjoy it.

Many people were upset that the Full House adults weren’t going to be playing a bigger role in the series, but we have come to love our new Fuller family and the side characters that come with that.  I’m not sure if it is intentional or not, but I feel like the adults have become more of an annoyance on the show with Danny Tanner having one rather very embarrassing episode, to Joey’s constant repeat jokes and his new rag-tag tag alongs, Rabecca and her desperate attempts to show emotions through her plastic surgery, and Uncle Jessie laying the sensitive metrosexual qualities on a little too heavy.  All these things may be there way of trying to phase those characters out of our hearts and our minds to try to set the Fuller family as a more permanent fixture and no longer requiring the reminders of the past.  With that being said, the season continues to include many blasts from the past which seems to really work for the audience by continuing to bring back those fond memories, but surely there comes a point where we need to start making our own new memories and not relying on the past.

When it comes to the newbies, I admit that they have their own annoyances as well.  Ramona has always had a quality from the beginning that didn’t sit right with me, but she still remains in my okay books.  Jackson has managed to find his way towards the top of my list being just the right mix of dorky, cute, funny and entertaining, though his friend Popko has become our stereotypical bad boy.  Perhaps he will become the one thing Ramona should not want, but in the end, come 2020 he turns over that new leaf and asks her to prom.  Of course he isn’t going to ask her to marry him, are you kidding me?  This would be 2020! It would be too cliché and anti-female empowerment to be promoting male imprisonment at such a young age.  An instant crowd pleaser would have to be Max, the middle boy in the Fuller fam, but I have to wonder if some of the scenes that have played out if they intend for little Max to grow up to be our token gay?  Of course we all would have assumed the token gay was Fernando had he not been constantly sleeping with other woman prior to the first season.

Another season has come and gone and I am still very much so a Fuller fan.  I’m not entirely convinced that either Matt or Steve will stick but the stage is set for drama, comedy and more shocking revelations to come!


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