Van Helsing


Picture Courtesy of Syfy, Echo Lake Entertainment Dynamic Television and Nomadic Pictures

Amidst all the apocalyptic zombie shows, when it comes to vampires, shows tend to lean towards the romance and heroism rather than harrowing.  Van Helsing is a popular title in the vampire community originating back to the original Dracula. Whether you are familiar with any of the stories and films or not, you likely associated the name Van Helsing with vampire hunter.  The TV series is inspired by the graphic novel series called Helsing.
Van Helsing plays out in a series of present day/flashback scenes in order to fill in the pieces and add suspense.  It has been three years since the outbreak occurred.  An unknown women lays under heat lamps within a barricaded hospital in a sterile sleeping beauty scene. A group of rabid vampires break through the barriers with the intention of killing the lady.  When one of the attackers bites her, he begins to have an adverse reaction.
An unexpected volcanic eruption cloaks much of the united states in shadows and haze.  Advising citizens to stay inside due to poor air quality and the potential toxic threat most people carry on with their lives not thinking much of it.  When a strange outbreak occurs, people begin to show disturbing side effects including violent attacks and biting. Our mysterious sleeping beauty is given a name, Vanessa (Kelly Overton).  Vanessa lives in Seattle with her daughter.  As a single parent she does her best to provide for her daughter, but has resorted to giving blood for money just to get by.  Using the money to surprise her daughter for her birthday, the party of two turns sinister when a man enters the apartment and violently attacks Vanessa leaving her for dead.  As the outbreak spreads, Vanessa’s body is forced to be sent to the hospital as the coroner office is full due to the recent attacks.  It is in the hospital that the character known as Doc (Rukiya Bernard) discovers that the mysterious new body is neither dead or alive.  When the military catch wind of this woman they are quick to take over, but the operation forces a small group of military personnel led by Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) to stay behind and guard the woman with their lives.
Three years later… Vanessa wakes, the first thing on her mind is her daughter.  After getting her first glimpse of the post-outbreak world and the accounts of those around her, the chance of her daughter surviving is looking very grim. Vanessa must try to find answers as to what she has become as well as what happened to her daughter in a world full of monsters, both human and myth.
Van Helsing has a really great mix including vampires, the apocalypse, characters and story.  The vampires are a threat around every corner but are not as in your face and ever present as the zombie shows.  Van Helsing introduces us to a series of characters that we can’t help but become connected to, even during the short span of 13 episodes, or even fewer for some.  There are also sub plots running through the story that give the show the needed depth to keep viewers engaged and watching.  The first episode aired as a teaser with no commercials in July 2016; however, it wasn’t until September that the second episode was aired, ending with episode 13 in December of 2016.  No word on when season two will begin, but I must admit I really enjoyed the show and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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