Scream Tv Series Season Two


Picture Courtesy of the Weinstein Company and Netflix


You may recall how pleased I was with the first season being able to stump me and my detective skills.  The first season ends with us finding out who the killer was.  Emma and the rest of the “Lakewood Six” as they have been called try to pick up the pieces of their slaughtered lives.  Emma has taken things the hardest being the centre of all the killings and has left town for therapy.  Emma is back, but it appears someone has some unfinished business to attend to.

While more secrets are revealed causing everyone to look just as guilty anew, our new mystery killer has no problem dumping bodies out in the open.  With a few new characters to help widen the pool of suspects Scream season two takes us on another slaughter tour of gasps and jumps to aid to your binge watching or commute.

Our killer has a different agenda this season enjoying playing with his characters more and as I mentioned they have no trouble killing left, right and centre.  Though we thought we could have exhausted all the secrets this troubled little town could hold, there is always something more to come out of the woodwork.

This season doesn’t hold quite as much suspense and intrigue to it as the audience has to sit through a bit more song and dance as we play cat and mouse with the killer.  They still manage to keep the jumps and spooks coming though.

Season Two ends with a sort of halloween vacation special taking our group to a secluded island with a murderous past.  As if one psycho serial killer wasn’t enough, some of our troop have decided to take their minds off their current hunter by researching a murderous legend.  This allows for a short little vacation for our newest newest killer, whom still remains nameless even after season two, though they do stop in to remind us that they will never, NEVER, stop hunting our poor little Emma.  As a sort of teaser during the very last minutes of the show a faceless unexpected ghost checks in to a lakewood hotel (though even at this I have to wonder about the desk clerk who lives in a town drenched in murderous legend and daily news who wouldn’t make the connection to the name during check in).  With season three not being readily available and not one to keep up with shows on TV, I do have to wonder when this one will be finished and available on Netflix.  Will I ever see the end of this series?  I can’t say for sure.  All I know is… I will be right back.


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