Being Human (UK) Season One


Picture Courtesy of Touchpaper Televsion

Being Human is a British tv series starring supernatural characters.  The series seems to have inspired an American version of the show with a similar concept.  We are all familiar with different legends and supernatural beings, being human explores three different supernatural beings as they live together.  Each has their own struggles that they must battle, each while trying to fight their new abilities and instincts and just be human.

John Mitchell (Aidan Turner) is a vampire and while he is over a hundred years old, he remains frozen in time in his twenties.  John has been able to adapt to his new life and has learned to live among humans.  His quiet existence is threatened by the local vampire group who have other beliefs as to how vampires should be living with humans and who the superior being is.

George Sands (Russell Tovey) is a young werewolf struggling to accept his new circumstances.  With the help of John, the two rent a flat together as John teaches George how to join society as the two work the night shift at the local hospital.  George does not know any other werewolves and has had to learn to cope with his change on his own.  John has tried to help where he can, but there are things that a vampire simply can’t help a werewolf with.

While George and John have decided to move into a flat together to try to live a normal human live, they are joined by the recently deceased Annie Sawyer (Lenora Crichlow) who died in the house.  All Annie can remember is falling down the stairs of their home and all the dreams she had with her fiancé, Owen.  Owen still owing the property continues to come in for maintenance on the house giving Annie chances to see him again.

The three struggle with their own new circumstances with the support of each other.  As much as they try to fit in they must endure persecution making the struggle to try and be human all the more difficult when you cannot see who the real monster is.

John’s character had lived over a hundred years.  He has seen the world change over time but still managed to have little to no style adapting a sort of homeless grunge appearance. Though he had pale skin, he was a very hairy fellow which made it seem like he would have been more suitable for the role of the werewolf.  Having Turner and Tovey reverse roles would not have solved the problem though as Tovey has a softer less aggressive appearance that would not have been suited for the vampire role.

George has difficulties adapting to his role as a werewolf, even after having met one, it is clear he does not have the same aggressive traits, but more timid and gentle.  George is very reminiscent of Ron Weasley in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with his high pitched squeaks like that of Ron and spiders.  Tovey as George is likeable and brings comic relief to the trio.  His transformations are silly and nostalgic having the appearance of something you might have seen on Are You Afraid of the Dark with a very fake, yet appealing, werewolf appearance.

Annie’s character is a lost and a little eccentric ghost as she tries to cope with her death and finding out what her purpose is. From the looks of the series, she outlasts both John and George and a main character in the series.

There is something about the brits that I just love.  Being Human has a strange mix of the supernatural flare with the backdrop of a very subdued British tv show.  Don’t let this fool you though as there were many a time while Netflix and Going that I had to jump scenes in order to block out the sex and nudity while in public.  With the sex, nudity, violence and supernatural the show was rather anti-climactic and had a way of carrying on without being overly engaging.  Without the convenience of the show I would not have made it as far as I did to complete the first season.  After discovering there were an additional 4 seasons for a total of 5 I decided to give up on the series.  It was clear when taking a glimpse at some of the other seasons that they increased the budget and visuals, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to keep me hooked on the series.



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