Warm Bodies


Picture Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Warm Bodies is a zombie romantic comedy, which I’m sure were a series of words you wouldn’t have thought you would see together.  Our zombie romeo is called “R” because he knows his name started with an R but he can’t quite remember exactly what it was.  To help move things along, R (played by Nicholas Hoult) helps to narrate to get us up to speed until things that to progress and change in the movie and the narration isn’t needed as much.  R lives at the airport with a lot of other zombies.  He spends his days shuffling along and searching for brains and trinkets.  A new concept I’ve never heard before is introduced in the film with the zombie experiencing flashes of memories from the brains that they eat.  The more brains they consume, the more memories they acquire.

Julie Grigio (Teresa Palmer) is part of a group of civilians living in Chicago.  After the zombie outbreak eight years ago, her father (John Malkovich) stepped into a leadership role and helped with the creation of an enormous wall to surround the inner city.  Something that seems rather relevant today.  Julie and a group of others leave the protected walls in search of medical supplies from a nearby facility.  It’s here that Julie and her friends run into a group of zombies, including R.  While the zombies fight for their pound of flesh and the group fight for their lives, R is attacked by Julie’s boyfriend Perry Kelvin (Dave Franco) but R takes his down before he can kill R.  By eating Perry’s brain he is able to access his memories of Julie as well as other useful information that can be used.  With the help of his own bodily fluids, R masks Julie’s scent and brings her back to the airport and to a plane he has turned into his home.  Julie discovers that not all zombies are mindless corpses and that there may be a way back from death after all.

The film is ridiculous which is to be expected with the genre of a zombie romantic comedy.   R’s character experiences the same awkward situations any young guy would run into with a girl, only he has the added awkward of being…well…dead and potential threat to her brains.  His interactions with Julie as well as his zombie friend M (Rod Corddy) from the airport create a lot of unexpected comic relief in small bursts throughout the film.  While the zombies may seem like the worst enemy here, they have created a sub category called bones, which are zombies who have sunk to a level of no return.  These are the little things that make the film different and sets itself apart from other zombie movies.  Warm Bodies is a fun escape for any zombie fan and nothing to be taken too seriously.


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