Movies To See: June 2017 Edition

A compiled list to help you weed out the good vs the bad to save your time, money and brain cells. A link to the trailer has been provided in the title. 
Everyone is buzzing about this movie and I think it will live up to the expectations.
I was a fan of the original Mummy films, though I have my doubts about this one.  It reminds me of the character of Enchantress from Suicide Square who ruined the movie.
We got a 4D sneak peak experience for this one while we were in Disneyland which was pretty cool.  The third instalment on Disney’s hit Cars.  I may have to re-watch Cars 1 and 2 prior to seeing this one though.
I am behind by about 20 Transformer movies it seems but I seem to have a soft spot for these and at least have an interest in watching them someday.
Who doesn’t love Rom-Com’s?  Come on!  You laugh, you cry, you escape and unfortunately you usually forget about the movie, but it was fun while it lasted.  Hopefully this one sticks.
We can’t help but love those little Minions, enough that we are already on a 4th movie.  Can you believe that?

13 Minutes (Elser) (Pushed from March 17 to June 30)

Based on the true events of an ordinary man in 1939 who made an attempt to kill Hitler and stop him during his height of power.

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