Picture Courtesy of Orion Pictures and Samuel Goldwyn Films


Pet is a psychological thriller starring Dominic Monaghan and Ksenia Solo.  Monaghan plays Seth who is a loner who works at a veterinary dog shelter.  One day during his long commute to work Seth sees Holly (Ksenia Solo) and creates a backstory that they knew each other from school.  Knowing details of her life, Holly assumes that he is telling the truth that they may have gone to the same school together but she does not remember him at all.  When Seth approaches Holly at her job as a waitress and tries to ask her out, she politely declines stating that she has a boyfriend.  Having stalked her online, Seth absentmindedly replies that she does not.  Creeped out by the situation, Holly shuts him down and asks him to leave.  Seth is persistent in his attempts and begins the creation of a cage and a plan to kidnap Holly.  Holly is determined to survive at all costs and uses Seth’s love for her in the hopes of escaping.

Not what you would have expected going in to the movie and things just get more and more strange as they progress.  While I can appreciate the work done to create the psychological aspects of the film I don’t think it was really worth the wait.  Fond memories of Dominic Monaghan from the Shire are long gone in this creepy attempt to disturb us, yet disturbed we are.  Make a u-turn and head back to the Shire, somewhere more pleasant and more entertaining.


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