The Crown: Season Two



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With my love of all things monarchy, royalty and castles, it comes as no surprise that I absolutely loved the first season of The Crown.  I also enjoy my fair share of conspiracy theories which doesn’t mix well when watching historical drama.  Historical drama is the retelling of historical events while editing the events to allow for a more streamlined and pleasing tale for your viewing pleasure. The trouble with this is the blind following that many of us do while watching such movies and shows.  I came across some posts online while I was still watching the second season.  I did not open them for fear of spoiling anything but their message was clear.  Something within the seventh episode was scandalous enough to credit people to question whether or not the Queen has seen this season and the events that took place during this episode.  I would just like to point out that aside from the fact that it is a historical drama that has an extensive attention to detail, I very much doubt that there is anything that the Queen is unaware of.  In fact,  I bet one could make endless seasons based on the facts that the Queen was and is privy to that has never seen the light of day or your browsing history.  So perhaps it is you, dear viewer, who should be questioning what it is you are watching?

The first season of the Crown has a very nostalgic dramatized setting that had us on the edge of our seats for the entire season and craving more.  Many events involving many different people took place during the first season, and while many more events take place in the second season, the main focus seems to be on the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.  Claire Foy and Matt Smith, along with the entire cast, create the most engaging and spellbinding portrayal of the royal family and relations that you can’t help but google and compare the similarities.  The show even has a way of tricking us with actual footage and stunning recreations leaving you to question what was real and what is newly created for the show.  There is something about their extremely proper demeanors and accents that sings deep within me.  Claire Foy’s portrayal of the Queen only makes me like Claire, and Elizabeth II more.  While I’ve seen posters and ads for other projects that Matt Smith has done, I can’t say I’ve really watched any of his other work.  Even if I had, it is his demeanor and accent in The Crown that I find most alluring and wanting to know more about this mysterious man.  The second season of The Crown provides us with a deeper look into who Philip Mountbatten was as well as his even more curious past.    Continuing with my love of posh British accents, while he is more of a villain, and I can’t entirely forgive him for calling Elizabeth II Shirley Temple in his correspondence, I can’t help but love Alex Jennings voice and style portraying David, the Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII.  The aforementioned scandal not surprisingly centres around Princess Margaret.  The younger sister always wanted what her old sister had and perhaps in some ways would have made a better Queen, but not in the ways that count.  Princess Margaret can sell newspapers, but it would be fair to argue whether or not the monarchy would still exist today had Margaret been Queen.

The events that take place during the second season of The Crown are just as intriguing to watch as the first season, but there is a different feel to the whole season that I’m unsure of.  I still absolutely love and adore the series, but I think the second season sits within the shadow of the first.  Despite this, I cannot get enough and I can’t wait for season 3 and onward to be released.

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